Every Night

There's something about the sound of falling rain that soothes the mind. It relaxes the body and makes sleep easier. Every night, thanks to my sound spa and whether it's wet or dry outside, I fall asleep to the sound of pouring rain.
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6 Responses Sep 21, 2012

Don't know why ,but I remember when I was a kid I liked to hear the sound of rain,just like the berceuse.It do really have the magic to make me calm....LOL

it relaxes me as well.... thanks for reading sweetie. xo

I used to love it too until I hit my 40s. Then I changed to just white noise. The water sounds make me wake up needing to pee.

LOL....luckily I'm not having that issue yet!

Rain, hail or thunder, I'd sleep through it all. Well, I AM deaf! ;)


My old sound machine had thunder & rain and loved it one, along with crickets, waterfall, ocean waves, white noise-hated that one, birds, heartbeat running stream and rainfall. New one doesn't have as many but it's raining hard every night in my bedroom too

I have all those too, but the rain is the only one I like sleeping to. :)

I could fall asleep to just about anything and once I'm a sleep it's hard to wake me. Once, 2 fire trucks, An ambulance and Police car came to my neighbors across the street all with sirens blaring & I slept right through it!. Kinda scary, hope the smoke detectors never go off....

LOL....you sound like bf. I swear the house could be being torn apart by a tornado and he'd sleep through it! I only wish I could sleep that soundly...I hear everything in my sleep. xoxo

Love the sound of rain too i also love thunder storms rolling through they put me out like a light!!