Tin Roof. Swoon!

I grew up in the country. I'm not from the United States, I'm from Canada, so my 'country' is raw and beautiful and scary all at the same time. From one minute to the next our weather can tear apart homes, wash away properties, snow you in for weeks at a time and dear, me, lets not mention the wildlife. This isn't to say the US isn't beautiful in its own way - I'm just a true lover of my home. I did have a point, I swear…

…Ah yes. We used to have tin roofs over each veranda and porch on our home. Not to mention the tin roof over our wood shed/workshop. We always had a fire going in the wood stove and my favourite thing to do (to the surprise of my fellow teen friends at the time) was to fall asleep when it was raining, reading a book next to the fire. Oh, the sounds, the smells, the window cracked open so you could inhale the wet salty air. Mmm. I miss it. I live in a big city now and when I hear rain it is accompanied by the smell of sewer, and the sound of sirens. Sad.
patient666 patient666
22-25, F
Jan 19, 2013