Stand In Awe And Wonder

The wind and rain cause a different feel with their sounds and ferociousness.

Snow fall is one of the beautiful sights of nature. There is no sound nor a whisper but a gentle and soft fall that can be seen but not heard. Just seeing it fall ever so gently on the leaves and leaving them unable to bear the accumulation of snow, then give in and let it slip down in an unusal hurry compared to original fall.

But, not with the boughs and branches that are ever so graceful in obliging in bearing the soft and gently snow flakes as they stack and pile one on top of each other.

To witness the phenomenon from the window upstairs as they soon spread a carpet of radiant whiteness across the lawn and on the trees, the roofs of the shed and barn is nature in all its splendour.

The sheep do not seem to mind them at first, wanting to eat the remaining grass before they are soon covered as they fall on they wool and the wool bearing their share of the load to help out.

Soon, the night arrives and the full moon bring out the glory of the fallen snow. Reflecting and causing a radiance around the fields and the lawn. Brightness seem to be the order of the night.. yes the night turns to a kind of day....

Morning brings out various foot prints on the snow. The cats, the dogs, the foxes, the badges, the squirrels too. Another day in the snow as it were...for the animals too.

I have a koi pond and a pergola that is built over it. At the height of a snow fall it is a delight to see the pergola all covered up and providing a radiantly white roof in a way.

Indeed, yes indeed, a beauty of nature to behold.

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Jan 8, 2013