Keeping It Fun

Hey! Let's share tips for exciting ways of playing for us who have already played through the game before. I'm primarily thinking of Fallout, but Fallout 2 would be good as well. :) F3 has its own group.

Try not to spoil the game for relatively new players when suggesting ways of playing, but weak spoilers that deal with things anyone who completed the game at least once knows OR are not too specific and plot-heavy are fine. :) For example, you can mention a quest, people or places, but don't spoil how to solve a quest in case somebody hasn't solved it yet.

And yes, that means that you shouldn't keep on reading if you haven't beaten Fallout 1 and do mind slightly obscure spoilers.


For the adventurous, I recommend:

- Playing as a dumb character (IN 1)

- Playing an Iron Man game (No saving/loading except between playing sessions.. ie. no deaths nor second chances at choices)

- Specializing in ONE weapon type to make more of a themed, restricted character. You can complete at least fallout 1 using only one of either unarmed, small guns, big guns, energy weapons or melee weapons, unarmed and energy weapons being the easiest ones imo

- Playing the "evil" route whenever you can

- Slay each town entirely


For the more adventurous, I recommend:

- Completely roleplaying your character, going for realism ("what would my character most likely naturally develop") and NOT rationalizing your way to the most potent combinations when choosing abilities, skills, perks, traits, ingame conversation options, equipment and actions in general, and not letting yourself take advantage of any information YOU might have that your character doesn't

- Challenging yourself to see how few stat points you're able to beat the game with (not taking permanent stat upgrades during the game, which would ruin the point)

- Completing a jinxed game

- Redefining the plot. To illustrate what I mean by this, here are some examples:

#1: Be a mercenary working for the caravans. (Go straight down there without bothering about the early areas, and get yourself some armor and weapons.) Your goal, and the end of this game, is to become powerful enough to deal with the "missing caravans" problem.

#2: Focus on the Shady Sands. You win the game when you've completed both their major problems. (You should know which ones I'm talking about, or if you don't, you might have fun finding it out.) Focusing only on one area makes you see it in a new light and stop stressing your way through it, like you probably did before. You'll appreciate spending your time more instead of thinking in terms of efficiency. You can do this with other areas as well. If you do, be sure to set a goal before starting.

#3: Be a sneaky assassin. Join the Thieves' guild, complete Decker's quests and do some adventurous looting. I'll leave the goal up to you.. any quest or event that strikes your fancy, really.

#4: Destroy the mutant base, as fast as possible. Obviously, make use of every bit of knowledge you've got, don't mind about it being "realistic".. Just no glitches or bugs.

When "redefining the plot", playing Iron Man at the same time is a good combination. (This is *really* hard if you play a thief, ie. #3 above.)


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Mar 7, 2009