Carnellsz Story Part 3

(At the store]

M/v:That will behh 7.75

Kellsz:Here you go.Thx

M/v:Come back soon

(Back at the house]

Kellsz:Here is your M&M'sz

Riisza:Thank You

Nellsz:Can I have some

Riisza:No your sick go drink some Ginger Ale matter of fact iimma make you some Chicken Noodle Soup!

Nellsz:Eww i'll take the Ginger Ale

Riisza:Good now go wash your face and brush your teeth please cause it'sz murder!

Nellsz:Watever qiirl!

Riisza:Ok ii qot you!

(Pat comes downstairsz wiith Dustiin]

Riisza:Hey watsz goiin on

Pat:Nuffiin ii was watchiin that new ''BiirdWalk''video

Dustin:I was watchin ''BET''

Riisza:Cool !

Riisza:Where B at I wanna take him to see Tori

Dustin:We wanna qo

Riisza:Ok you can come !

Pat:Cooky !

Riisza:Pat dont lie you wasz watchiinq Wow ! Wow ! Wubbzy !


Riisza:Ok watever you say !

(At Toriisz house]

Riisza:Niice house liive alone ?!

Torii:Yea !

Riisza:Well Baby B can fiix that !

Baby B:What you mean ?

Riisza:Nuffiin iim just sayiinq !

Pat:I Liike those Aiirmax

Torii:Thx they have them in the mall !

Pat:Guess itsz to the mall we qo !

Riisza:Yup cause ii need those Aiirmax iin piink and liime qreen iif you know what ii mean !

Bryan:Yes we know !

(Back at the house]

Nellsz:Kellsz where Riisza and the rest of them ?

Kellsz:At Toriisz house ii quess !

Nellsz:&& She diidnt even call mehh !

Kellsz:So Call her

Nellsz:Good iidea !

(On The Phone]

Nellsz:Baby Where you at?

Riisza:I'm at the mall

Nellsz:Waiit there ii'm comiin

Riisza:Buhh your siick

Nellsz:Forget iit ii'm comiin

Riisza:Ok iimma buy you somethinqq to eat

Nellsz:Thx baby

Riisza:No Problem

(Nellsz spotsz Riisza at the food court]

Nellsz:(Sneaking up on Riisza]Heii Riisza

Riisza:(Jumpiin up]Oh heii you scared mehh

Nellsz:Yea ii know.Where'sz Torii and the rest f them?

Riisza:I Dont Know

Riisza:Here I bouqht you a ipod

Nellsz:Thx how do you get all thiisz money?

Riisza:Just say mahh grandmother remembered mehh iin her wiill

Nellsz:Oh yea

Riisza:Now you can puhh your favoriite sonqsz on iit!

Nellsz:Thx baby your the best!

Riisza:Yea ii know

Riisza:Letsz qo qet the rest of them so ii can qo to piick up a outfiit for the party were haviinqq !

Nellsz:Were haviinqq a party siince when?

Riisza:Siince Kellsz planned iit !

Nellsz:He diidnt tell mehh !

Riisza:Now you know so he dont have to anymore(Kissessz Nellsz]

(At Aero Postale]

Riisza:Damn ii liike thiisz liime qreen shiirt !Now all ii need iisz a paiir of piink skiinny jeansz to match wiith the AiirMax iim gunnxa buy !

Nellsz:Can you buy mehh a paiir?

Riisza:Yea !


Riisza:Welcome !

(In the car]

Riisza:(Turninqq on the radiio]Thiisz iisz mahh sonqq (boppiin to All I Do]Thiisz iisz mahh favoriite sonqq by B5 iitsz szo cute !

Torii:Yea B sounded szo cute

Baby B:(Blushiinqq]Thank You !

Baby B:Riisza you qot everythiinqq for the party?

Riisza:Yea Baby B dont worry !

Baby B:Stop calliinqq mehh Baby B iin front of Torii

Riisza:Boy you wanna take thiisz iin the streetsz?

Baby B:Ok you qot iit damn alwaysz goiinqq ovaa board !

Riisza:I know now i have to smack Kellsz(thiinkiin]Oh shiit he'sz iin the house by hiimself && ii know he hatesz that hurry up Dustiin get to the house before he has a heart attack !

Dustiin:Ok iim goiinqq the fastest ii can !

(Back At The House]

Kellsz:Ya'll left mehh iin the house by mahhself ii was scared !


Kellsz:Cause thiisz house iiz biiq && spooky !

Riisza:Tell mehh about iit !

Riisza:Torii wanna spend the niiqht

Torii:Sure !

Riisza:Yay SLUMBER PARTY !Now we can go get Niicole !

Torii:Whosz Niicole ?

Riisza:Some new qiirl from next door come wiith mehh to qo qet her !

Torii:Ok Riisza.Behh Riiqhh Baqq B !

Baby B:Ok

(At Niicolesz House]


Riisza && Torii:Heii wanna come to a slumber party iin the B5 house?

Niicole:Yea that would behh cool

Riisza:&& ii thiink Dustiin liikesz you !

Niicole:You Forreal

Riisza:Yea letsz qo

Niicole:Ok ii qotta qo pack some clothesz thouqh iit wiill only take a short whiile so your welcome to come iin !

Riisza:Ok come Torii

(Back At The House]

Dustiin:Oh heii Niicole

Riisza:Told you he liiked you(Whiisperiinq]

Dustiin:Niicole can ii talk to you iin he kiitchen?

Niicole:Yea ya'll can call mehh Nikki !

To Behh Contiinued

Watch out for Carnell'sz Story part 4 && see the talk between Dustiin && Nikki !

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