"shut Up Greg!"

one of my favorite things about family guy are the constant put downs of meg. like when its her bday, but peter and lois dont know how old she is and dont really seem to care. and in their star wars episodes, megs monster character asks "how come i dont have any lines" and peter turns back around in his ship and says "shut up meg!" but the line that get me everytime is the episode where they are on family feud and the guy says "you are the perfect family for this episode. the other family has 2 daughters and you have 2 sons!" meg says "but im a girl" and without skipping a beat peter grumbles to her "shut up GREG!" and for some reason, the way they act around her makes me not like meg too much either, i just dont know why but its funny!
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sleep over.....peter......********. if you haven't seen that episode when meg is rejected by the cheerleaders is a good one, hypno toad, and when she tries to be a lesbo before she is old enough to get her date drunk. i know it is not hypno toad but i can't think of the real name and hust saw that episode of futerama.

You're forgetting the one where Peter runs up a huge tab at Mort's pharmacy so Peter loans Meg to him and his son, saying she will do everything they ask her too, lol!

That is hilarious, I haven't seen that one yet. I just started working though all the episodes on Netflix.<br />
Seth McFarland is a genius

I just watched it. I like to come home from work, and watch. It relaxes me. :)

In all fairness, the ploy is that nobody will like Meg, as she is just a nothing character, but in a way you always have to like Meg, because if Meg was not a part of it, the show wouldn't be the same, as you would not have your favorite "shut up Greg" comment lol.

how bout the one where herb says did he say strap in or strap on and later herb bust into song and dance singin had the time of my life

or the episode w/ the fat guy strangler. at the end stewie comes downstairs and is like "i was just upstairs and theres a half dead fat guy eating a dead fat guy..." no one says anything... "so i guess we are just lookin the other way huh"

I love family guy as well. I love when peter tells meg inorder for her to have a baby a man must be attracted to her. There are so many funny lines from that show I could just keep going