Seth Macfarlane Creates Life-sized Family Guy Dolls.

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Family Guy was and is considered a controversial masterpiece. It makes us laugh, cry, think, and at times gag. But what lies behind the scenes is more disturbing than even the writers of the show could concoct.

The creator of the show, Seth MacFarlane is so much in love with his characters, he did his best to bring them to life. No, we don't mean Seth hired actors to portray a tubby alcoholic, smart-mouthed infant or talking dog, but he did commission life sized dolls he spends most of his down time with.

According to close personal friends of Mr. MacFarlane, Seth has been known to cozy up on the couch with Lois, have a few beers with Peter and even take Brian out for short walks around his property. The whole time mimicking the voices he uses in screening. One friend even claims Seth tried to breast feed Stewie on a night the superstar had more than a few too many. "Seth went at it. He was talking like Stewie while he forced this plastic doll onto his chest. He was calling himself the creator and telling the doll to suckle. Suckle, suckle the creator, through me all things are possible. Does Stewie really wanna rule the world? Suckle, suckle the creator."

Mr. MacFarlane goes even further with his Meg doll. Apparently, the creator of the show feels bad for giving Meg the short end of the stick on the show and in his luxurious mansion Meg lives like a queen. According to sources, Meg was named Homecoming and Prom Queen in MacFar"land" and Seth even paid wannabe actors to ride in parade floats with the Meg doll. One unnamed teen reported to us that Mr. MacFarlane approached him with a substantial amount of money to take the doll to his actual Prom-the teen refused.

The creator has not commented to Bloid requests to confirm or deny these reports, but as long as he continues to put out the show, we will continue to suckle. We would like to ask Mr. MacFarlane one question..."Why is it reported the Brian doll is on all fours, with appropriate genitals?"

Editors Note: In MacFar"land" Joe can walk. See Seth is really just a Teddy Bear.
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May 15, 2012