Inside Jokes

I don't even remember when I got introduced to Family Guy (probably a year ago or so), but since then, we've had a blast with my boyfriend, who also likes FG. He can make all kinds of sounds and constantly makes me laugh. He even bought one of the seasons from Blockbuster. He does this Quagmire "Hah, hah, alright!" or Stewie's brittish accent perfectly. It never gets old. Lots of inside jokes are based on Family Guy and of course other areas. I guess that's sweet, since it brings us closer:)

I adore Stewie. I think whoever created that character and whoever reads him are geniuses! My regards!

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Did anyone here notice that Seth macfarlane made the show and he plays Peter, Brian, stewie, quagmire, carter(Lois's dad), the doctor?

I love Stewie as well. Lately I've been saying "What the deuce?" a lot. I said that one time when I was on the phone with my bf and he was like, "Did you just say "what the deuce?"" Then I say yeah and we just cracked up laughing

aww :) my fave character is brian ;D