Meet The Quagmires

Meet the quagmires is my fav family guy episode and when peters in the clam with cleavland and their dancing to the Beverly Hills theme song hehehehehehehehehhehehe and another hehehehehe omg lmfao!!!!!
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3 Responses Oct 31, 2013

family guy is the ****

the episode where stewie and brian got stuck at bank's vault was priceless, stewie even gets his ear pierce,lol

what about the crazy monkey?
the one that hides in his room and he catches it excellent episode

Haha remember that and he has like a whole ******* family and been terrorizing Chris for like ever lol

pot smoking monkey too LOL ;)
and when he caught it dragged it downstairs and said see I ******* told you !!!!
evil monkey sorry - I called it crazy Evil lol