But I hate EPAllie. She censored this twice. Even after I altered the spelling and replaced letters with symbols in the two words that could have got it censored. In the comments (her blind spot) is a dialogue from a banned Family Guy episode. The episdoe is about Lois becoming a surrogate for her friend from college. Not long after Lois gets pregnant the mother dies and that leaves Lois with a big decision to make.
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She censored my Q about monkey lips :((
... so I just gotta forgive her.


giggity giggity giggity gone...

Brian: "So how did it go at the clinic?"

Louis: "Fine at first, but then there was a complication."

Peter: "We have decided against the procedure."

Brian: "Really? Why?"

Peter: "Because it's killing babies, Brian! If god wanted us to kill babies, he'd make them all Chinese girls."

Brian: "Peter, it's not a baby, it's a fertilized egg. It's the size of the tip of a pin."

Peter: "It's alive, isn't it? To kill any living thing is an abortion. That's what the man I've just met outside the clinic told me. And he had a T-shirt on that confirmed it."

Louis: "Peter, I'm sorry if you disagree with me, but according to the law, it is still my right to choose what I do with my body."

Peter: "Well, the law is wrong, Lois."

Louis: "Okay, Peter, if you're so pro-life, let me ask you this. Would you go down to the orphanage and claim an unwanted baby and take care of it?"

Peter: "No, Lois, I'm here to save the unborn. Once they get out of the vagina, they can go *** themselves."

Brian: "Peter, what's inside of Lois won't be remotely human for six months. There's no brain activity until at least the 27th week."

Peter: "It's still a person, Brian! It's a woman's responsibility to carry it to term."

Brian: "Well, what if the woman is raped?"

Peter: "Maybe she should have thought of that before she asked me for directions."

Brain: Huh?

Louis: "What about ******, Peter?"

Chris: "What's ******?"

Louis: "You know how cousin Lou has that kid who's eyes touch."

Peter: "So what, you're saying is Toucheyes eyes doesn't deserve to exist? Well, you don't mind him when you want a needle threaded."

Louis: "I'm just saying that they should have at least have the option."

Peter: "How can you say that!? Think of all the love he's given to Uncle Mom and Aunt Dad."

Brian: "Okay, this argument isn't working. Peter, what if carrying the baby to term would endanger the mother's life?"

Peter: "I don't know what seven of those words were."

Meg: "What if you look at the ultrasound and see that the baby is gonna be born with no arms and no legs?"

Peter: "You name it Matt." (honks blowhorn)

Very funny. I must have missed that episode.

You can only find it online or on the season 8 DVD. The title is Partial Terms of Endearment, if you're interested in looking for it.