The Amish praryer from Amish Guy (Season 10 Episode 7) Eli's Father "Dear Amish Lord: Thou lookest sternly down upon us-thine flock-even though we did not do anything wrong, and have been doing chores like $&@%? crazy. Please make us humble and deliver us more hardship-that we may get thick calloused hands, much larger than other peoples; and grant that we become dull, like Eric Bana-who we have never seen but are just going by reputation-because it is your will. We solemnly believe that although humans have been around for a million years, you feel strongly that they had just the right amount of technology between 1835 and 1850-not too little, not too much. Please deliver us from Thomas Edison, the worst human being who ever lived, and protect us from those who laugh at our buggies or our hats. And deliver us from mustaches. Amen."
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Don't forget the cows that bellowed for their deliverance from Edison while he electrocuted them with AC to underline the safety of his DC distribution despite I squared R losses!

The things he did were disgusting. Let's not forget Topsy the elephant also.

His legacy stealing is well documented; too bad Tesla's reputation was sullied by him.

Topsy is on YouTube!

That's not surprising. It's a tragedy that Tesla's reputation was ruined.

The good thing is that history is normally reviewed and corrected. Westinghouse still owes much to Tesla.

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