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Best show next to American Dad!

And archer!

I haven't seen Archer yet. Why is it good?

I prefer Cleveland Show. American Dad. Francine doesn't have equal footing with Stan. In the Cleveland Show and Family Guy, the women get equal footing, witty comebacks and can hold their own. American Dad, Francine and other women seem to be victims mostly.

But I think that's the point. He's American Dad. In his mind he is the superior to all his family. Look how he treats everyone, Steve, Haley, Roger too.

You will just have to watch archer to see if you like it. It's funny, very adult yet a cartoon

Archer and Bob from Bob's Burgers.

True Seth MacFarlane has messages in his shows.

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Stewie cracks me up!

I'd quote Stewie, but he's so offensive.

At times he is. But still cracks me up with the crap he says.