Brian: "I'm starting a new advocacy group. The Quahog animal equal rights league. Our first meeting is tomorrow night, and I'd really appreciate it if you guys would come and show your support."
Lois: "Well, of course we will, Brian.
We'd be happy to come."
Brian: "Terrific! See, I thought I'd start locally, and then maybe try to merge with one of the larger groups."
Lois: "Oh, that's a great idea, Brian.
Maybe you could join PETA."
Peter: "Join me for what ?"
Lois: "No, PETA. The organization."
Peter: "What organization ?"
Lois: "PETA."
Peter: "What ?"
Lois: "PETA is an acronym, Peter."
Peter: "No, I'm not! I'm catholic!" Stewie: "Are we really doing this?" Lois: "No, Peter, I'm just saying, maybe if this meeting goes well, Brian could be part of a PETA rally."
Peter: "Somebody's having a rally for me now?"
Lois: "No, for PETA."
Peter: "That's me! I'm peter!"
Lois: "I'm not talking about you, Peter! I'm talking about PETA!" Peter: "Somebody better have something to say to me pretty damn soon, or I'm gonna have something to say to them. I am very busy!"
Chris: "I think Betty White is in PETA."
Peter: "That doesn't even make any sense!"
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What an amazing scene