i love the episode where chris falls in love with that black girl and they go to a motel and ...

chris: what do people usually do in motels
girl: they get naked
chris: but the only thing i know about sex is on the computer so id love to try buffering
spitzz spitzz
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Kinda odd that Jerome was so uptight about his daughter dating Chris, given his past involvement w/Lois.

One of my favourite episodes

watching fAmily guy right now

Which episode are you watching?

where peter tries to keep the bar and stewie gets drunk and louise does piano 60's stripping xD

Ah right, the one where Peter punches the woman at the football game thinking she was a guy haha

On TBS, right? The early shows are fun, bit do lack a certain something about the later ones (besides Lacey Chabert voicing Meg, LOL).

yes on tbs lol

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