I get on my family's nerves when we watch Family Guy because I'll sit there and quote the whole show. I've seen every episode so many times I've lost count. favorite character is of course Stewie! I cried like a baby when Brian died and was sooooooo relived when they brought him back. yea I'm in love with the show sooo ready for the new season this month.
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You sound like my brother.. Ugh

yes it is funny

One thing I can't stand is how they don't make fun of Islamists like ever! They make fun of Christians almost all the time and Hindu's a few times but Jews very rarely! If your going to make fun of religions then you have to make fun of all of them!!! It just annoyed the **** out of me!!!!

Well what about that episode where Peter became addicted to sky diving and met that guy in the hospital? was that a different religion and I'm completely wrong? lol

Im just saying that they make fun of one religion more than they do all the others!!

I think it's because, in all honesty, Christianity really needs to be made fun of. there's just so many people out there that are on their high horse with their religion and people get sick of it. I'm a Christian and I get sick of those people I love it when they make fun of it because I have a sense of humor which is something most Christians don't have. it's all in good fun.

I agree with you in that they need to have a little sense of humor, but Christians are barely ever on a high horse.

we must be hanging around different kinds of Christians.

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I love family guy too (and American Dad, and I LOVE the Ted movies)