My Poor Uncle...

I was told a story about my uncle. My grandfather and him and my cousins that I've never met were in the fish shed cleaning the fish. My cousins are OPP (Canadian cops) six foot six and tree trunks. The story was you didn't want to mess with them.

Any ways, they were standing around the table and my cousins were watching the water. My grandfather finished all of his fish and grabbed the hose to clean off the scales.

This is when the evil plot started. He turned on the hose and sprayed up and down my cousins backs. He then held handed the hose to my uncle (doing my uncle stuff) took it. Now, they are all in the same room and what ever possessed him to take it I'll never know.

My grandfather then ran into my moms cabin and hid behind the screen door (very brave). My uncle, on the other hand, was caught with the hose. They picked him up by his elbows. they say his feet were running as fast as they could, but since they were in the air nothing was happening.

Slowly but surely, he was walked out to the end of the dock and was forcibly thrown into the water. The entire time professing his innocence. the unfortunate thing is they never believed him. Well, fortunate to my grandfather.
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Later he did, but there were gone by then. he never got thrown in the lake, but everyone knows who did it.

Great story! Did your grandfather ever confess?