Class Act 1: Summer Breeze - Part 1

The story starts with a 13 year old kid named Liam, he was autistic but really athletic and really smart. Despite being bullied in Primary School, he was ready to move on from that and move to another dimension!! High School!! It had been waiting for him for 12 years, it was expected that High School would be a much better place to socialize and make some new friends. The story would start with a horn in the ear! Well almost! Unfortunately Dad had failed as he ripped his pants. His large stomach dug inside his pants, although his stomach had hung over his thick thighs and his smelly behind!! But they was nothing to worry as it was loud enough to wake up the whole household. 

Liam: Ugh, that's $60 down....
Dad: Yeah I did it again. I can't help it!
Liam: Nah nothing to worry, just a bit pudgy and unfit. Can't you do something?
Dad: I woke you up.
Liam: Ugh, forget it. If you want to get fatter, you be my guest, but you must be aware that I'll get fat too.
Dad: Hmm, well that's something to think about.
Liam: Dad, that was sarcasm.
Dad: Well, at least I'm still alive eh? Now get ready for school!

Having a fat father, it had a bit of impact on Liam's weight since starting to grow up. He was not overweight but Liam was starting to get a little belly going, but there was no problem with having meat on his bones. Mum was not overweight, so she could help keep his weight down. 

The next step was Liam taking his first step in his new high school, he was hoping not to get bullied too often. The first interaction was when Liam accidently bumped into someone familiar, Liam fell on the road and nearly got ran over by a truck, coming in the other way. 

Both: Oof!!
Truck: Honk, Honk!!
Liam: Aaah!!
Dude: Whoa, whoa whoa! Sorry bro, wasn't thinking straight....Liam?! What are you doing here?
Liam: Huh? How do you know my name?
Dude: Don't you remember me? It's Johnny from Grade 2. You dunked my head down the toilet and nearly flushed it down!!
Liam: Hahaha!! Can't remember that but sounds so hillarious!!
John: Yes, fun old memories, we were best mates but we lost contact with each other after I left in Grade 3.
Liam: Yeah, sad. But I can't wait until we revive these moments!!
John: That'll be awesome!! 

Finding a friend out of nowhere was an awesome moment, but it would get even more awesome when he meets more friends.

John: Here's little Haidyn, Saeed, Jayden and Emily. There will be more friends to meet, we are so popular!! Right Haidyn?
Haidyn: Oh yes, very popular, we're all part of the best gang in school history.
Liam: Wow, I gotta say, that wraps up everything.
Jayden: True
Emily: What does he mean I can't understand you?
Liam: I mean, that is all I need to know, nothing else?
John: Nope we're just a popular gang.
Liam: Alright!! Let's do a class act when we head to class. 
Saeed: But dude, class started 10 minutes ago!!
Liam: Uh oh! Better head off now but come up with something funny.
Johnny: Don't worry about getting caught for doing anything bad. We're a team and we are the best at lieing and the teachers are pretty soft on us.  
Liam: Cool!!
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Dec 16, 2012