Fantasy: A Way Of Life!

I grew up on fantasy fiction, I absolutely love reading novels based on adventures, magic, and dragons! While, I do have my own taste as far as stories go, I'd like to think reading these types
of stories brings out my own inner creativity! I've have to agree with people who think the reality we live in is boring, or lacking. I believe alot, of fears and speculations we see today, are emphasized or given a form in the fantasy books.

Even, though live a city(or metaphorically a metal prison), I often wonder if there small towns or hamelets built, to look like something from fictional story. I know you find cottages, if you look hard enough. Its certainly been a dream of mine to live in such, a place if it exist.

I particurly love reading about Dwarves and Orcs, as I think humans and elves get way to much hype. I really dont see them as ugly or unattractive creatures in fact, from what i read they are most hardiest of warriors, especially dwarves.

As far as real life is concerned, its sad we dont have taverns were bards visit to sing of ballads about, tales of heroes or tragedies. I think foreign folk music and some metal, has managed to keep this style alive but, I personally would like to see a true bard!

As for living, well I'd definitly like to try larping or visit a Rennaisance fair or find some type of subculture that celebrates this style. I also enjoy Roleplay on MMO's as it allows me to create my own characters and do my own questing!
Gray24 Gray24
Sep 9, 2012