A Premise Harder Than Rhino Hide

That show is Bat crazy he's a human suddenly in a mysterious universe meeting bizarre aliens. In theory it should be so hard to relate to any of the characters immersion should be zero.

And thats the thing it isn't I have a very strong empathy for the characters good acting certainly helps but its much more. The way they did that well ive got no idea. Except having one of the aliens completely human :)

But i do know that they have taken advantage of having alien characters in a way ive never seen in any sci-fi. They take an aspect of human emotion and make it so overblown that in a human it would shatter immersion and just be really stupid.

But they took that OTT personality and put it in a bizzare alien and it just enhances the fascination with the character. Its not implausible any-more because hey its an alien.

P.S love the way Crichton goes slowly insane.

Master-class in sci-fi characterisation.
Randomguy22 Randomguy22
18-21, M
May 17, 2012