Dark and Sexy

I had seen Farscape on and off on the BBC during the backend of the 90's but it wasn't until a work colleague re-ignited my interest in the show later that I truly become addicted !   The basic premise of the show is that a Human Astronaut is shot clear across the Galaxy to an alien enviroment and has to deal with it. Initially, he desires to return home to Earth, but as the series continues this rather simplistic concept is altered and built upon until something epic is created.   Sci-Fi Channel was the main financiers and for whatever reason you want to believe they "pulled the plug" at the end of season four, even when they had committed to a season five previously.   However, such was the weight of fan devotion (and not just stupid website rantings or tearful teenagers) that a very well organised and concerted campaign to allow the show to finish was formulated and executed.   It worked and Farscape - The Peacekeeper Wars was made and some form of closure was achieved.   I recommend you look at the show in its totality, either by buying the DVDs (which appear to be the cheapest in the US) or on such services as Netflix.   The stories are multi and various; some totally original in idea others take a familiar plot and twist it.   The two lead actors Ben Browder and Claudia Black have since moved on from Farscape and are now in Stargate - SG1. Although there are similarities to their Farscape personas (more for Ben than Claudia), they are different in SG so don't let that define your idea of the Farscape roles.   On a personal level, the show has become my "Drug of Choice" allowing me a 'reasonably' socially acceptable escape from life and all it's glaring reality. Sometimes it has made me laugh out loud and other times the stories have helped me shed the tears I need to heal a real world hurt whilst experiencing a fantasy situation.   To sum up, if you like Action, Gunfights, Leather, Good Dialogue, 'Real' People, More Gunfights, Romance, Humour, More Action and Your Heart Ripped Out - watch Farscape.
misstrious misstrious
36-40, F
Apr 14, 2007