Just A Tiny Bit Obsessed.

I guess my first discovery of fashion magazines was when I was about...12,13 years old? I used to go to the local library and dig up piles of old Vogue magazines and flip through them. My mom would never let me subscribe, she always made excuses about how the magazines were useless and would end up as trash on my floor. So instead I started buying Teen Vogue magazines at Indigo. I plastered the ads that I liked from the magazine on the walls in my room and soon, I ended up with this giant collage. Ever since, my obsession with fashion magazines grew into fashion models. www.fashionising.com is my homepage now and I swear, I feel like everyday I end up spending more and more time on it. :)
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I have always wanted to make a giant collage but my mom wont let me stick them to the wall :p