Question - Can A 50-something Year Old Woman Pull This Outfit Off?

In your opinion. Be honest. I am 5'7" tall, slim build, 44-36-40.


Maybe it is for a much younger woman, but I do like it.
Josie06 Josie06
56-60, F
13 Responses Sep 30, 2010

like the outfit go for it does not mean when we are growing old we cant wear this things anymore its the carrier that matters most

I'm going to be honest, this outfit has one completely bare arm as a focus, are your arms well toned and firm? If so then I think you could pull this off.

True! I like it but do have may doubts. It is adorable and an eye-catcher. Thanks for stopping by.

yes! u go girl!

the draping probably complements a wide variety of figure types, and if you've got great arms, go for it.

Go for it! Stand tall and wear it with confidence and you will definitely rock this look =)

Fashion is all about confidence. An older woman can definitely pull off this outfit provided she works it, and you strike me as the type that knows how to work it. I'm 43 and I still shop in the juniors section because I hate matronly clothes. Life's too short to not have what you want. Go for it!!!

Knee length is FINE! Seriously, you are thinking girlie because they have a young model... I can easily picture a more mature woman in this.

Thanks all. As I said I liked it but had reservations.<br />
<br />
Like, is it too little girlish? And, like emerald said, what would my breasts (44 A-cup) look like in this? And, the skirt was a bit short, closer to the knee for me.<br />
<br />
But all in all I thought it was a lovely outfit. Still do.

Josie, I think you could pull it off just fine. You go, girl. Go for it and screw anyone who doesn't like it. Or should I have said don't screw them............

why not Josie? ... it's very elegant ... your breasts are much larger than the model's though and it will make the dress hang differently on you ... but would look good I think.

The skirts might be a little too short but with a tight over the knee pencil skirt you would probably look amazing.. something I would want to peal naked and devour!

WHere you gonna put that "44" at in that shirt?!! :O lol. Kidding! Personality carries an outfit far, Josie! Try it! ;D

Go for it, Josie. Why not?