How To Look Hot! - Stilletoes. How Not To Look Hot! - Stilletoes.

The French call them "talons". I like that. They are the hooks that a girl can use to get into her prey. A girl wearing a gorgeous pair of stilletoes and walking properly puts the woman wearing them as the nearest thing on earth to a goddess. A woman wearing them and teetering around - so you are waiting for her to tumble down is a bad look. So the lesson is, if you can't wear stilletoes like an angel - DON'T.

What do you think?

Look at this killer angel!

annehathaway22 annehathaway22
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3 Responses Jan 21, 2013

...they are gorgeous but unlucky me I can't wear them, I admire girls wearing them lovely

I am the observer...not the wearer !


How about something less .....cruel.

Its a matter of choice. If you can't wear them properly -don't. Or practice before you go out!