Your Choice, Which Is Best?

Just a little fun now. A variety and you decide the best.

Best looking. Best to wear. Best whatever. Just state the reason in your comment.





















Josie06 Josie06
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7 Responses Feb 17, 2009

Personally I like Nr 3 most. Unfortunately I've had to wear dresses like 4 and 6 too often (every kind of receptions and boring soiree's). Nr 8 is fun too, though not very comfortable. I like leather and latex stuff very much, but this particular dress is not my choice.

Sorry PeedeeDog. For some reason this story posted twice, yours is in the other story.

Where did my first comment go go go??? I wanted dress #1!!! It's ME!!

My choice is 3 too.

Very theatrical

Ditto what Lilt said. #3 is my favorite too, I could see myself wearing that outfit.

I like #3. The others are a bit too dramatic for me.<br />
The skirt is nice, feminine, but not too girly.<br />
The blouse looks interesting, I wish I could see more of the detail.