Bump It! Like It's HOT! 5 Celebrity Hair Catastrophes

Since Sir Mix-a-Lot's “Baby Got Back,” curves have been celebrated but recently there’s a different ‘bump’ that’s getting all the attention.

The ‘bump it,’ appropriately named, is a new contraption which is meant to be tucked under the crown of the head and then covered with hair, creating a ‘bump’.

It promises to take you from a bad hair day to a fresh-from-the-salon look in less than a minute. 

Since when did having an awkward bump protruding from your head become so glamorous?  Who ever thought we'd see the day when overly teasing your hair meant 'going natural'?

For 'special' occasions when you need a little more bump, there's the ‘Hollywood Bump', which produces hair that can only be describes as something in between the Elvira and Marge Simpson doo.

As far as I'm concerned 'Bump It' needs to issue a public apology for some of the hair catastrophes it's encouraging!

1. Amy Winehouse

2. This Lady
High Fashion SHOULDN'T Equal High Hair

3. Scarlett Johansson

4. J-Lo

5. Sarah Jessica Parker

I spot the 'Bump It'  in use, everywhere I go.  The bagger at my local grocery store-she bumps it.  The teenager who hands me my coffee on my way to work-she bumps it.  Me-I'm still on the fence about giving it a try but could use your help!  Am I being fashion forward or heading for a fashion disaster?

Ladies- What do you think of this new must-have hair tool? 

Time to confess:  Have you bumped it in the past?

Men- I want to hear your comments too!  Does it work to attract the opposite sex?


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48 Responses Oct 1, 2009

I would be most inclined to try the mini bump-its, but overall it's really not my thing. My hair is pretty short, and I like it straight and sleek, not all bumped up and crazy. I would probably only wear one if I was really, really bored.

Great laugh from this story---the "bump it" what will they think of next!

I think its all depending on how you use it. If you want to be fashion forward you can use the bump it in a subtle yet elegant way with a nice and simple hairdo [not a bees nest that wouldn't look nice] I think in moderation and not too much hair UP would look nice.

My 14 yr old daughter bumps it, and i think it works for her. I've tried and never made it out of the bathroom. I just can't do it.

i have bump its they are GREAT

Did ya all bump your head.<br />
Sooo many great article to share and this one gets a six on the scale,,, hmm..... LOL

that was so wild

I think it looks stupid, I mean I've thought about it because of it being the 'in thing' but I didn't and I'm glad because It's funny looking!

Every decade, we have to deal with the ladies who like tall hair. Every decade, we have another laugh.

that "bump-it" is only for very special hair types and styles and also should only be used on very rare ocations other than that i think it is ridiculous.

I agree welshbabe.<br />
How are things any way

Sorry to be such a party pooper i didn't like any of them, 'someone say Halloween'? lol :-)

I don't use those, nor would I ever. I do bump my bangs but not with those suckers ha. Seems like a waste of money to me.

The bump sucks...anything coming out of Hollywood can't be a good thing - maybe good for Halloween though!

NOOOOOOOOOOO! No 'bump it' for me! I like Amy Winehouse, and I think her 'look' is good for her ... and ONLY her.

I would like to point out that these are BAD examples of bumping... I know the bigger the hair the closer to GOD but If you're not ready to meet him, I think these are a bit extreme... I also like to remind you of FLO (U.S. Progressive insurance commercials) lol I love that girl and she's a perfect example of bump done right.

Amy Winehouse's bump has to be the beehive of all beehives!

I can't say that I think it's a good idea. It reminds me of the "fancy" hairstyles you used to see on the Jettsons. Some things should be left in cartoons. :)

Thanks -Lol but I dont want any part of this hairdo!!!!!!!!

Good God Ya all, reminds of the 1950's and 60's

What a terrible way to style your hair! I mean seriously!

Doesn't attract me. Looks like a tumor

Well that's appropriate for Halloween.

i would NEVER use it

heck no, that is the worst hairstlye ever. It is a tie between that and a mullet.

can you say bee hive<br />
dont light a lighter hair might go up in a poof

Lady #2 is exactly what my hair looked like from a pic a roller coaster ride snapped! it was so funny I regret not buying it and posting it! Thats crazy!!!

It kinda makes you look like you have an E.T. shaped aliens head.

I needed a good laugh! Thank you!

wow!!! That is funny!

Ummm i think it is awful! LOL no i have never tried it and i don't plan to either =P

Um... wow, just wow!

This...thing...is utterly absurd!

Gosh it looks like something left over from a Hairdresser's convention or competition !!!!!!<br />
<br />
Arsineh...... How does one em<x>bed a video into a story?????????

Oh My!.. I think they are HIDEOUS!! But for all you asking where they can be found .. I've seen them at Wal-mart as I'm walking through with my groceries. I don't know why women would try to make their heads look like alien heads.. It just kinda creeps me out! Makes it harder to tell people from aliens if they were to land today!

Lol i like it ...I do small ones without the contraption thingy all the time. I thought everyone did! And now 4 years after I started doing it I find out its terribly tacky *sigh*. I'm always the last to be in on the joke.<br />
<br />
OK another confession, I've never seen those coif makers before; where do you get them from? (Do they only call "bumps" coifs where I come from lol?) Not that I'm going to go buy one or anything...

OMG, I didn't think it was possible for Amy Winehouse or Sarah Jessica Parker to get more freaky.<br />
<br />
Note to hair stylists and trendsetters: Just because you CAN do something, doesn't mean you SHOULD.

:) I had the big hair in the 80's but not quite as big as those in the story, thank goodness. Great post.

It's funny but that won't work here in Phi. hehe-tnx for the laugh !

Wow, that looks terrible. Why would anyone want their hair to look like that?

I think the "bump it" is heading for fashion catastrophy, but I still like it, because it is a pictorial of my mood this week. At the very least, it is good for a laugh. LMAO.

i saw that on TV! is that a Palin thing??

yes surely sexy when women try to work out!

I guess it's ok not my thing really. I like short wedge bobs over the ears best. Bottom line is. If a woman wants to wear a bump it that's HER business and no one else s. Just leave people alone let them do their thing.

Well, I suppose it's slightly better than the traditional way of doing it - backcombing, aka "turn a substantial amount of the hair at the top of your head into a hopeless rat nest of tangled hair, and then smooth hair over top of the nest to give the rodents some privacy".

I am going to buy one for my girlfriend. I think it would look good on her

Thanks for the laugh!

Hilarious. Simply hilarious. Thank you for sharing these hair pics just in time for Halloween. {:~D