I love cars......a deep-rooted, longstanding connection with the car scene since I was a teenager has made me slightly obsessive at points. I just love the whole idea of getting in a car, driving fast, seeing where you end up. The sound of the engine as you switch on the ignition......the feel of the car as you drive it to its limit, there really is no rush better for me. I could drive cars around tracks all day everyday if I had the means and the opportunity.

I have had a longstanding obsession with certain cars. Having had my share of different vehicles, there are some I would love to get my hands on. My dream car list grows by the second and I aim to own at least one of those before my time is up.

Give me a car that can go from 0-60 in 2.5 seconds, has a twin turbo v8 supercharged engine, 1200bhp.....sigh................happy girl :)
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You would love a ride in a jet! How about 0 to 60 in less than a second!
Now that will make yea appreciate acceleration!

My dream car would be mmm there a lot but if i had to choose i would go for the Bugatti veyron super sport ...heard rumors about a new Bugatti super veyron 1600 hp :-)

Damn girl we need to hang out :]
..i fffing love the Agera R, huayra, venom GT,SSC ultimate aero, aventador " so sexy in real", Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, One-77 & of course the new Vanquish, etc...god this is turning me on lol

i would live in ur garage then! lol..
u should come over here we got a lot of them exotic cars :)

My friends from Chicago came over for a visit and one of them was like damn i saw more luxury cars in the past 15min in here than the past 2 yrs back there lol

Haha ..driving around here with just an bmw x6 4.8liter is so normal.. so u find crazy modified cars like hamman, schnizer, Alpina, pp performance..ppl around here like to be unique! For example last week i saw an Asma SLR

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Oh yes...i ffing love u already! lol :-)