I bow to the salad maker who invented this salad at Burger King :) It is soooooo good you might have to close your eyes for a few moments while eating it to experience all the flavors in your mouth and your mind. It is the chicken (crispy of course), cranberry, sliced moist cranberries not hard wrinkly craisins :), mixed greens, sliced apples, bleu cheese and i get apple vinagarette dressing with it. I only open one packet of the dressing and eat all the chicken with all the other ingredients first, then when the chicken is gone, i open the second packet of dressing and eat it with my order of large fries and the rest of the salad. I can scoop up the rest of the dressing (it is creamy and a little sweet and tangy) with the fries when the lettuce is gone :) When you get it this way you will not be hungry afterwards from having had a salad for dinner. So i had to share this wonderful experience with you. I think this salad fulfills all my salad desires. I'm thinkin .. hmmm if it was made with grilled shrimp it could be wonderful too but it is certainly fantastic with the chicken. Their mango smoothie is reallly good too :)
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Sounds yummy.What's new w/you?Quiet here.

Let me know if you do try it jjb and stuwebb :)

For a few months i was tremendously busssssy and now it is quiet again :) Nothing is ever totally quiet of course, errands to be run, things to be done. But life is good and thanks for asking : xox

i will have to try it

Really you will have to :) I will go get another for dinner tonight in a few mins :)

I love the name! I am a big fan of salads and I am constantly creating new ones. I want to have my own saladgasm!! I love the idead of the blue cheese and cranberries hmmm.

I do that at times too B3lla01.. put my own combination of ingredients and different types of flavored oils, sesame, walnut and diff. vinegars, raspberry is good etc. It really changes the taste of the salad so much. You can use the same veggies even but the diff oils and vinegars put the new spin on it :) Salads are so refreshing :)