Purple Cow!

something I have been very grateful for since I got to the States is the variety of flavours of fat free frozen yogurt one can get!  In the UK one is lucky to even find it at all and if you do its usually only vanilla whereas at the imax here you can get chocolate, pistachio, chocolate chip, raspberry and My personal favourite purple cow which has bits of dark and white chocolate in.  I always have it with sprinkles and a cone on top and the small size is plenty enough.  I totally recommend it!
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3 Responses May 31, 2007

DQ has nice ice cream.. have some for Me xxx

Thank you. lol I am at a truck stop right now with a Dairy Queen and now you have me wanting ice cream. lol I know this is a yogurt story which I love to but I don't think DQ has yogurt.

Frozen yogurt can be a wonderful treat. I am lucky enough to live near a shop that sells a plain frozen yogurt with mixed fresh fruit of top, as well as offering a rotation of flavors that changes daily.