Grandelyn...the Greatest Epic Tale About The Land Of Fat People

Has anyone heard about the newest book out for Fat People called Grandelyn. Its a really great book about a group of enslaved people that escape their captor with the help of an overweight rebellious slave named Crystaline. They each a special fruit they makes them gain weight and become big/"fat" but they arent the stereotypical fat person, who is seen as lazy, somber, funny or stupid, but they become skilled warriors that are fat, but fit, great fighters and they protect their land and their queen, Ariyah, who taught them everything that they know. This book is great because it puts us fat people in a really cool light. Grandelyn and its people, the Grandenites are sure to change the negative perceptions about overweight people. Spread the word about Grandelyn so people and the media can give us more respect.

Here is the book trailer

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I've been writing a fanfiction about a tall, fat woman who saves the world, called "the Unchosen One." I'm glad I'm not the only person writing along these sorts of lines.

Oh really. Is it in book form or on a website?

I've been posting it on fanfiction net at semi-regular intervals. What that means is that I usually post every couple weeks like clockwork, but due to real life issues, I haven't posted any new chapters in a while. It's based in the universe of the Elder Scrolls, though, so it's heavy fantasy (pardon the pun) and mythology.
I also have an image to go with it, though I'm afraid it's not very good. I didn't have much practice at drawing computer images back then.
The main character is Katie of Hammerfell, whose ultimate dream in life is to run an inn, but due to her concern for her loved ones, she keeps being pushed to do more and more amazing things, and gets more attention, which puts her in more danger, etc... It escalates.

Ah I see. Have you had a chance to check out Grandelyn?

No. Not yet. I watched the video, but that's about as far as it's gone for me.

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Thanks for the tip!I'm not much for comics but I'm always happy to support fat fiction.Happy reading-and eating!Keep gaining!

Ah! This is what I love! I can't wait to read it. I've always thought about writing a comic about a fat female superhero.

Great. I hope you enjoy it and that it empowers and inspires you. Ariyah is the perfect example of a plus size "super hero". Very strong warrior :) Let me know what you think about Grandelyn

that is so awsome im 250 pounds