Fat Sex Is One Of The Hottest Kinds Of Sex I've Ever Had!

Of all the guys I've had sex with, about half of them are fat, and boy do I enjoy giving them some sweet loving! I'm really turned on by fat guys. The fatter, the better. There's just something about their big, round bellies and their protruding manboobs that I find extremely mesmerising and wonderful, especially when they jiggle them around! I love to rub a fat man's belly all over, stick my face in it and play around with his moobs and love handles.

What's even better is when a fat guy gets down on all fours and lets his belly and moobs hang loose. I would love to be underneath him in that position, so that his belly is either touching mine or pushing onto my face and his moobs are touching my face or my crotch, depending on which way round I'm lying beneath him. I'd also love to get on top of him, rub his large torso all over and squeeze his moobs while porking him hard and fast like the sexy fat pig that he is!

Of course, I do also like to have sex with a top chub and feel his stomach press against my *** and face, but I much prefer to have sex with an obese bottom as it gives me near total control of what I can do to him.
Emeraldo Emeraldo
26-30, M
6 Responses Nov 25, 2012

I love your thinking!

Sounds hot. I'm fat and have had sex with a lot of normal build guy, never a realy fat guy. I want to try it some time.

I am a guy that is more chubby than I want to be. Love younger guys. If you are ever around s nj I would love to bottom for you.

I'm fat...

Hello there. :)

I am sure we both Could have a lot of Fun.

If only we were closer to each other. I could have so much fun with you!