Body Changes

 I love the way fat feels. I've gained weight over the past few years and it feels wonderful. Its soft and warm and makes anybody comfortable as hell when used as a pillow. i  love the way my man boobs feel and the way my gut sticks out and over my bikini briefs.

bellybulge bellybulge
22-25, M
5 Responses Mar 4, 2009

Me too! :)

If I move my arms just right, I can put and ink pen under my moobs and my belly is so big and floppy that it'll hide that pen underneath it.

I like being able to hold think under my moobs and under the overhand of my belly. I'm not sure these will ever be an important storage spots for me, but I can put small ob<x>jects there and they stay, held by the fat. Anyone else find they can do this?

you have a nice big belly . i love the way your man boobs and your belly hangs out over your briefs. i also love the way my man boobs and my belly hangs out over my panties. hope to hear from you . what is the best way to get fat.

i also love the way fat feels. i'm sitting at the computer right now in my sleevless t- shirt pulled up rubbing my beatuiful big belly with my gut hanging out over my panties. i hate diets . fat is were it's at. so bellybulge will you be my friend you have a sexy belly.