Floating Free Of Time

I love birds. I love feeding them because I'm selfish and I want to attract them to myself so that I can get up close and personal and enjoy them. I see it as a win/ win situation basically, as I buy nothing but the best and I am fastidious about the birdbath.

I especially love the Hummingbirds that arrive in the Spring. I came across this today. Interestingly enough it is the motto for a brand of greeting cards. Still, it caught my attention:

"Legends say that Hummingbirds float fee of time, carrying our hopes for love, joy and celebration. The Hummingbird's delicate grace reminds us that life is rich, beauty is everywhere, every personal connection has meaning and that laughter is life's sweetest creation."

Wow. I've always loved them, but I like this legend, so I will see them in a different way, and appreciate them even more now.

"Laughter is life's sweetest creation." Yes, I believe it is.  
Quintesse Quintesse
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That would seriously be time well spent, definitely.<br />
I liked the quote too, the inspiration for this.<br />
It is profound. <br />
Thank you my new friend

I had a friend many many years ago who taught her children to fear birds of all kinds. When I asked her why on earth...<br />
she said that she was afraid that birds could peck them--she wanted them to have a healthy fear of that. <br />
So, apparently, the love of birds is not a universal thing, but I find that I am attracted to other bird-lovers, almost like we know how to appreciate life.<br />
Look out!!!! Duck!!! Run for cover!!! Here comes a hummingbird!!! haha<br />
Thank you.

I love birds too.

It is beautiful isn't it? Thank you.<br />
The quote is from Papyrus. They make intricate and unique greeting cards. They use a hummingbird as their symbol. <br />
<br />
"Papyrus supports long term environmental sustainability and is committed to protecting and preserving the environment by using recycled and FSC certified paper and vegetable ba<x>sed inks whenever possible."<br />
Their website is : papyrusonline.com

Oh wow - what a gorgeous quote and a gorgeous experience. You are so lucky to have this treasure in your back yard :)

I have trouble thinking of them as birds.<br />
Little fairies maybe, but not birds.<br />
They are amazing and special, definitely.<br />

Love those Hummers, they are so Amazing

Last year I sat on the floor of my porch and waited. (I got a video). They hover, and they hum--you probably already guessed that. But it is actually more of a vibrating sound, soft and thrilling, as they approach. They are very tentative, often stopping and starting, flying a little bit away, and then coming back when the coast is clear. <br />
My feeder allows them to perch and rest in between feedings. It is adorable. They are like about the size of your thumb--no lie. <br />
Then they will suddenly take off in a flash--ZOOM---GONE--just like that. They are really fast.<br />
But if they have a decent source of food --reliable---they will come back every 15 minutes or so. At least it seems like that, that they feed often but in little spurts.<br />
Anyway, the point is that they are a constant source of entertainment. I love them.

I have never seen a Hummingbird in real life but have a book on them and they are Sooooooooooo beautiful :)

I am pretty sappy; I was teary eyed when I came across this. It was just so beautiful.

Legends say that Hummingbirds float fee of time, carrying our hopes for love, joy and celebration<br />
<br />
Love this !

Okay, Sugar water it is.<br />
(thank you for the recipe). I am grateful.<br />
I do remember doing that at one time and boiling it to ensure that it was dissolved.<br />
Then I must have grown lazy over the years. It all sounds very familiar now that you mention it.<br />
Thank you guys!<br />
<br />
Imogen. Don't worry about it! <br />
It's for the birds! <br />
You have to do what you have to do.

Q - it was the owner of a bird feed/supply store that told me that about the dye - that their tiny systems can't metabolize it. The birds seem to be attracted to the red on the feeders. If you decide to try this - we us 1/4 cup sugar to 3/4 cup water - make sure the sugar is completely dissolved because sugar granules can be harmful to their tiny digestive tracts.

If the feeder is red then plain sugar water works fine, at least it always has for us.

I do get an amazing variety. It is cool. <br />
Bear! I didn't really think about the dye. I use the red stuff. Oh man. <br />
I actually think the red color is what attracts them, so now I'm not sure what to do. <br />
I will research. Thank you for telling me that.<br />
It sounds like you guys do okay for yourselves out there. I am proud of you, you wildlife -feeding LA apartment dwellers you!<br />
<br />
Imogen. I have recently moved and I am near a small lake now, so I have seagulls and geese. I am hoping that they will take off in the spring though. But so far they don't seem to be bothering anyone. I have been known to run out there and wave my arms like a maniac to chase crows away though. Maybe you could try that?

Because we're in Los Angeles and don't really have much of a winter, we get the hummers all year round. In March/April we notice a huge increase in the amount of nectar they drink (we use sugar water - I've heard the red dye in commercial nectar is bad for them). Anyway, those must be the mating months because the amount they go through at least doubles. <br />
<br />
We also have these really lovely orioles - black and yellow - mainly in spring an summer. They drink out of the ****** feeders but we also have an oriole feeder. <br />
<br />
We have a birdbath on the balcony where we also put out nuts, etc., for the squirrels and other birds (doves, finches, sparrows). The squirrels drink out of the birdbath as well. For folks living in an L.A. apt. we have quite a bit of wildlife. We live between an near Griffith Park and the L.A. River. where there are tons of waterbirds (Ibis, ducks, geese, etc).

Haha. You bet I get hummingbirds. They love what I have.<br />
They are breathtaking, honestly. Cute little things.<br />
<br />
Now--get back to work! Quit slacking off.