Spring Must Be On It's Way!

I love to feed the birds in our yard.  I do it year round and I don't mind the other critters that help themselves.  Behind my house is a garden and on the other side of the garden is our main bird feeder.  I love looking out there, but it's been a long winter and there's lots of snow still piled out there!  I have a feeling Spring is closer than we think...Today was Day 4 that our resident chipmunk has been out and about.  That's right, he's awoken from his winter's nap and has dug a tunnel in the snow in our garden.  He pops up in the afternoon and looks around for food.  He tries to walk on the snow, then scurries back into the hole in the snow.  I ventured out there today to fill the feeder and sprinkle some of the seed and nuts for him to enjoy, near the hole.  About 20 minutes later I saw him pop up and enjoy his afternoon snack.  I think he's trying to tell me to hang in there, spring is finally on it's way!!!  He's sure brightened my whole week!

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4 Responses Mar 12, 2009

nature is beautiful and its nice to be able to appreciate it.

There were squirrels here a long time ago, I think the cats and dogs scared them away.....this makes me feel that there is somthing missing here. I do love to wake up to the songs of birds.

I'd love to have a chipmunk! I have a mole that lives under the birdbath! I have a pot saucer that I use for a birdbath that sits right on the ground and the mole pops his head over, has a quick drink, then disappears under it again. I don't mention it to the landlord! She isn't real amused by groundhogs and such, so I'm sure a mole wouldn't go over very well!

i have the little chipmunks and my dogs chase them all day!. i also have alot of birds and have squirrels!