The Mistress Nurse

As a young boy, my mother who had been a nurse, occasionally got it into her head that either me or my sister needed a glycerine suppository. These were about 4"long and flexible, and kept in a glass stoppered jar. They were not crystal clear, rather translucent, like clear silicone mastic, and slippery - perhaps they'd already been dipped in Vaseline. For use, a short length was cut off - usually about one inch long, and the remainder replaced in the bottle with the other stick or two. My sister hated them. She yelled and kicked, and then had to sit on a pot in front of our living   room fire until she performed. I was two years older, and watched these activities with curiosity and pity. But as I was only about four at the time, they didn't have any special interest. It was only as I approached puberty that I started to have an interest in  these matters. Reading my mother's nursing manuals and textbooks taught me a lot. I started experimenting with her Higginson's syringe, which I now realize she used for douching. Then being a practical youth, I tried very unsuccessfully to make my own suppositories. I could never improvise a suitable mold. Later I learnt that the finger cut off a rubber glove makes the ideal mold.

Then as an adult I visited various nurse-practitioners in London who offered "Old-fashioned enemas", or "Victorian enemas" or "Colonic hydrotherapy"

None of these had the time to waste  - about 20 minutes - while waiting for the suppository to work, but I often dream of being interrograted by such a medical mistress, while a suppository is introduced each time I give an unsatisfactory answer, or my attitude problem needs adjusting.
drhigginson drhigginson
61-65, M
Jan 5, 2013