A State of Mind ...

It is for me.

Many things, most things can take me to that place.

i can be out or just at home.

It can be clothes or a scent or just feeling content and comfortable.

Maybe it's just knowing i am.




Besides, i'm a girl




Josie06 Josie06 56-60, F 6 Responses Feb 9, 2009

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I Love Nail Polish Makeup And Girls Clothes! But Im Only A 13 Yr Old Boy

i love peonies.

lavender rooms

smoky quartz




satin sashes.

dainty tea cups

and more.... i have a whole slew of pretty yet to come on my new blog: follow me! it's going to be grand!

i know what you mean. it's easy for everyone (women especially) to feel insecure in this world sometimes, so i really treasure those moments when i'm comfortable in my skin, and can embrace and love myself.

lovely pics! i especially love the green and black dress!

Oh, yes WinterMountian. Oh, Yes!

Isn't femininity Wonderful?!! :)

Cute skirts and flowing hair! Soft perfume and lacey panties! High heels and painted nails......:)

Yes, it's wonderful to feel feminine!!!

very nice