You'Re Not A Body...

You have a body.

On the other, do you have a body! a really nice one and you know it. You revel in that fact...and in the fact that you still feel sexy even underneath a baggy old jacket...the one that you pretend is just a practical choice. Of course, you'd never let on that it just makes you feel sexier knowing you can STILL turn on guys, not by what you're wearing (I don't know of any guys who are turned on by baggy old jackets at least), but just in what you are.

You take pride in your brains, and in your being more than a beauty queen or a bimbo. You take pride in your good taste in, well, everything (duh). And you take pride in the fact that you don't NEED heels to make you feel confident, to make you feel desired, to make you feel sexy...though you know you'd be a stunner if you chose to wear them, and you leave that option open for whenever you so choose.

But that is just too easy, too obvious, and not your style, except on the rare occasions when it is. For now though, you get so much more pleasure out of seeing just how nonchalantly sexy you can be. No, not like "oops, my thong is accidentally hanging out in church" or "of course platinum blonde is my natural hair color."  No, you're doing it wrong...that's the kind of non-tastefulness that you, the sexy woman with brains that you are, are grateful not to have. But let's not throw the baby out with the bathwater here, there is something sexy about not trying to be sexy :) 

There's something sexy in being so confident in yourself that you don't feel the need to try and make up for any lack in the beauty department, something sexy in not craving guys' attention, something sexy in being demure. You revel in the fact that you can get away with not caring about how you look (or at least not worrying about it) and simultaneously enjoy the fact that he's checking out your butt. You know that it's not so much about what you wear, whether they are super stylish, trendy, or revealing clothes, as much as it is about how you can use what you've got no matter what you've got on. You could rock a hasmat suit for christ sake, though it is a little bit easier for guys to notice (and admire) your cute butt when it's in a pair of jeans instead.

You like the dynamic between the way he needs a girl like you, sexy, smart, and sure, and the way that you secretly love that he does...You like the idea that you can make him feel like a man...the idea that you can make him feel like, not just a man, but a man on top of the world (if you wanted to). It's probably not that simplistic, but you like to imagine it is.

You're not a little girl, you've learned the ropes now...somewhat anyhow. You feel like you can really survive in the wild on your own now, the wild world of human interaction; the navigation of which sometimes takes some skill. You'd like to learn more. You'd like to be able to read his mind, but for now you'll just have to revel in those times when you notice him noticing you.
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Yes.....yes you do.....

ha ha ha thanks :D