I was at my mates (pat) again and this time his sister was there so I assumed we couldn't do anything, until she got invited to go to there neighbors house. Then the house was to just me and him. We where watching rugby and I didn't want to make the first move, so I pulled my socks of and started complaining about how painful they where. With no hesitation he grabbed my feet and said "I'll give me a rub down" he kept rubbing for about 20 minutes and I was growing impatient so I "pretended" to fall asleep. About 3 minutes later he lifted my foot up and I felt he's wet tongue slide up my soft foot all the way up to my toes. I then woke up and he quickly dropped my foot and said there was something on it. I didn't say a word and turned over and grabbed his feet and started licking them. I could see his ***** in his pants so he liked it. I them pulled my penis out and put it between his feet and humped away. He started ******* off and we both started panting and sweating. I then stopped and started sucking on his hard penis, when he was done he pulled it out of my mouth and finished off all over my face.
BennylikesD BennylikesD
26-30, M
Aug 17, 2014