Neg Female Bodybuilding Images

My wife is a female bodybuilder and it is really disturbing us both at the road some women are taking to pay for their food and supplements to keep competing in the sport. **** and other images that display female bodybuilders as freaks, lesbians, and ****** make me angry. All female bodybuilders are not this way! My wife is a loving, peaceful and one of the most modest and sweet people you will meet. People, after getting to know her, have said time after time how sweet she is now that they know her. It bothers me that preconceived notions of negativity were in their minds because she is a bodybuilder. That mentality is coming from negative internet exposure, She does not represent the poor taste many are seemingly portraying themselves as on the internet. Yeah, she is big and muscular, but that doesn't mean she is all the stereotypes of female bodybuilders currently in the minds of modern society. Please, do use all a favor and not associate all bodybuilders, male or female, with much of what you see and read on the internet. Many bodybuilders are teachers, fireman, cops, ministers, parents, loving devoted spouses, and other respectful members of society. Please keep this in mind if you have a bad image or idea concerning bodybuilding, particularly women's bodybuilding. Thanks!!
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My wife is a big, strong, sexy woman, who is bigger and stronger than I. She gave me my first naked spanking over her knee on our wedding night before we consummated our marriage.

I think female bodybuilders are the best. I wish I could be one but honestly i dont have the discipline. Im working on it though.

well said