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Hitsuhina - Omorashi 4

Hinamori Momo's Urge 4 – The Extra Minutes VS The Hero's Offer by KarDWeng

"Thanks for being so kind, Hitsugaya-kun," Hinamori had started to understand that Hitsugaya wouldn't mind if she seemed immature or nasty when she was trying hard hold herself. Yet, Hinamori couldn't help but felt embarrassing over herself.

"No problem," Hitsugaya smiled, but he could feel the shamefulness within Hinamori's heart, though he couldn't help her get rid of it.

Another five minutes had passed by, quickly for those who were enjoying, but slowly as hell for those who were suffering, especially those who desired to take a leak in the loo so urgently like Hinamori Momo.

Hinamori began to think about how badly she needed to use a toilet, how comfortable and relief it would be if she let go all the urine she was carrying inside her swollen bladder. All these "pleasant" thoughts had directly made her urge to pee even worse and made the seconds felt slower.

At that time, even thrusting, squeezing her vagina with both hands, crossing her legs with all the strength she had or squirming on the seat like a mini marry-go-round didn't feel like enough for the desperate, miserable girl. It was 1 of the worst, overwhelming predicament Hinamori had ever faced – at the edge of peeing herself inside the bus, humiliating herself in front of the crowd and the one she loved.

Hinamori started to tremble like a shirtless girl in the winter, not because of fear, not because of the cold. Her shaking simply indicated that she had almost reach her limit and might be unable to hold her pee pee anytime, drenching her panties, skirt, legs, socks, shoes seat, or even Hitsugaya's jacket!

"Ah, don't worry about it, those who think this is funny are probably stupid," Hitsugaya tried his best on the attempt to reduce Hinamori's embarrassment. Though not as much as Hinamori did, he also wished that she could make it to the bathroom in time, or she would suffer over the humiliation.

Unfortunately, Hitsugaya's first prediction was proven to be wrong. 15 minutes after the moment Hitsugaya told Hinamori about the "20 minutes more", it'd be roughly another 10 minutes to reach the bus stop! Hitsugaya glanced at the road from the window and sighed worriedly, but he didn't want to tell Hinamori about the extra, "enormous" 5 minutes that she must wait.

Soon enough, Hitsugaya began to notice that Hinamori's movements had become more and more frantic. Moreover, he could hear Hinamori moaning like a baby girl even more frequently. What make things worse was, more and more passenger were starting to "observe" Hinamori's odd movements, some might have wondered why and the closer ones might have noticed her embarrassing, compelling dilemma.

In due course, 1 of the passenger who looked like a 30 year old guy giggled secretly over Hinamori's desperation and her intense trembling. Hitsugaya notice that she saw it and must have felt really bad.

Hitsugaya stared at the man fiercely and immediately he stopped his annoying chuckle, acted as nothing happened. Well, Hitsugaya at least managed to help Hinamori a little, but he could never do anything to stop her desperation, to give her comfort. The only lucky thing was, all their friends who were in the bus as well had already gone home, so nobody would know that Hinamori was urging, crying and dying for a pee like a little girl.

All Hinamori could do was continue to squirm frantically around her seat and try to ignore those who were staring at her in the bus. She realized that if she were to accidentally pee in her skirt, she wanted to at least, get out of the bus first.

Soon, Hinamori waited another hell-liked 5 minutes and it still hadn't reached the bus stop. She got even worried and nervous after learning that peeing herself before reaching Hitsugaya's house was highly possible.

"This can't be happening..." She whispered and closed her eyes. She wasn't wetting herself yet, but it was close, just too close….

"Hitsugaya-kun, didn't you say it was 20 minutes more?" She asked with frustration and sounded a little bit mean, though her voice was already slightly submerged by sob. After finish questioning she suddenly groaned in agony and rubbed her lower abdomen up and down with her hands, she felt superbly desperate and irritated. She actually didn't want to ask Hitsugaya rudely, however she just couldn't help it, her bladder was already controlling her mind.

Hitsugaya gaped in astonishment and was pretty sure that she was at the verge of peeing herself anytime within this short little 5 minutes. He could see that Hinamori almost crying in exasperation and kept her body moving, shaking, bouncing all the time. Hitsugaya suddenly had an insignificant compulsion to wipe Hinamori's shiny tears away from her beautiful eyes.

Also, Hitsugaya noticed that her fingers inside the jacket were moving rapidly, and when they stopped moving they would seem trembling. This had only come to 1 conclusion in Hitsugaya's mind - Hinamori was hurting herself with her own finger, distracting her nerve to "rescue" her bladder from losing control.

Hitsugaya knew how hurting it is to press her fingers with her fingernails on the other hand hardly, though she wouldn't feel that painful since her bladder was full. But still Hitsugaya didn't want Hinamori to use this double-edged holding way, her fingers and hands would be wounded afterwards.

Apparently and doubtlessly, Hinamori was going frantic and crazy over her intolerable desperation, out of her mind with the immense urge to urinate, unable to think due to her graving desire to use the toilet.

"Hinamori-chan," Hitsugaya took out his left arm suddenly, "if you feel like clenching, hitting, scratching or even biting, do it here!"

"Well after all, this is a guy's arm, I won't feel pain, c'mon!" Hitsugaya tried to sound persuasive, wondering if Hinamori would accept his manly, generous, kind and heroic offer. Nevertheless, they were quiet for several seconds, seemingly the shy Hinamori-chan was hesitating….

"Don't worry about me, or care about how they think," Hitsugaya added, "it'll be more embarrassing if know?" Hitsugaya would feel unbelievably bad if he, who was sitting beside Hinamori didn't do anything to help her, the person that he fell in love with.

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