I Want To Know How It Feels When You Pee Yourself

By all means, men can answer the question, but I'm really interested in the ladies point of view

I'm a big fan of female omorashi/womens pee desperation, and I've seen lots and lots of videos, home made, and commercial, but so many of these videos are faked.

I want to know how I really feels for a women to be so desperate, she cannot hold any longer.
The videos generally go for the "let it all go" sceanerio - but from my few experiences of real life desperation, she leaks a little first, and gradually releases her pee.

So, come on ladies, you probably have it on your experience list, so please, enlighten me, let me know how it really feels

I've held a few times, but only once actually couldn't hold on any longer- and the feeling was ecstatic, awesome, sexy, and a very enjoyable process - my bladder was a bit sore for 24 hrs or so after.

It's the desperation part I really have a fetish for, but I do enjoy watching a women wet her panties and jeans.

Love to hear from you.

Mark. Xx

Xxx Mwa xxX
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1 Response Dec 11, 2012

Well. True desperation, not purposeful or showing off, is slow and subtle. Girls will hold on for dear life before they wet themselves, so leaking is more common but u cant hold forever so full accidents do happen. At first its just feelings of desperation, needing to hold yourself, scissoring your legs, tapping your feet, anything to keep rocking is good for holding on. It's uncomfortable but mostly embarrassing. The thought of having an accident is worse than how it feels. Will I make it? Will anyone notice? Where can I go without being seen? Then comes the pain, which just gets worse the more you have to go. It's the pain that makes you consider wetting yourself in public despite the humiliation. The pain that is better only if u crouch down, but then everyone will know. And then your bladder gets tired, and you start to leak, a little bit at a time. It's a slow process, hours have gone by. The leaks get bigger, more often. Desperation to find somewhere is overriding. Embarrassment. Pain. Repeat. And eventually, eventually it's too much, and its no longer leaks, its running down your legs and if you are in a toilet queue its still too late. Because now you literally can't move. It's not like the videos. At that point there's no rushing to a toilet. There's only standing still, or crouching, hands jammed in your crotch, unable to take another step, full flow soaking yourself. Utter mortification. And that's how it really is, and why you might see a girl so desperate she wet herself a little, you're unlikely to see a full soaking. Even girls totally averse to peeing in public will do so after they've started to wet to avoid leaving it so late they cant even get their pants down and end up soaking themselves.

What a fabulous reply - thank you very much - looking forward to chatting with you soon - mxx