My Journey To Becoming A True Slave - Ch 3

Please read the first 2 chapters as this is chapter continues my story.

The morning after our 'game' i awoke wondering how the maids would react towards me in view of the activities of the previous day. Would they ridicule me, or disrespect me? Should i be worried?

There was a knock on the door. i called out a yes and in walked Rosy, one of the young maids who had participated in the game. Without making eye contact She greeted me with "good morning sir" and placed a cup of coffee on the nightstand. It was as if yesterday never happened. i greeted her and smiled and i think i saw the feint trace of a smile from Her.

i drank my coffee and was about to get up for a pee when there was another knock at the door. It was Rosy again. She had returned to collect the clothes for washing. She went into the bathroom and i suddenly decided to test Her. i slipped my sleeping shorts off and with a semi hardon walked into the bathroom. i stretched, full length, to get Her attention. She looked up and smiled when She saw me, totally naked again. My **** went from semi to full hard on in an instant. i grabbed my balls and pulled them up causing my **** to bounce. "Oh Rosy i have a problem" i said with a smile. She laughed and asked "You want I help you?" "Oh yes please Rosy" i replied eagerly.

She took hold of my **** and began stroking it gently. i put one hand on Her butt, getting a good feel of that tight, firm young ***. My other hand went under her skirt and slipped inside Her panties. She was very wet. i pushed a finger inside Her and noticed how tight Her ***** was. i decided that i had to **** Her at the earliest opportunity. Her ***** was flooding and i managed to push a second finger into Her.

Suddenly the door burst open and i froze. Oh ****, i have been caught redhanded. How do i talk my way out of this!! "Not fair. Why didn't you call me?" Whew! What a relief! It was Bernice.   Rosy and i laughed, more out of relief than anything else.  i continued to finger Rosy and She resumed stroking my ****.    Bernice knelt and took hold of my balls.  She gently squeezed and fondled them and that was it for me.  i shot my load.   We repeated this scene several times a week.  What a way to start the day!!

Whenever my uncle and aunt were not around we would have brief moments of touching each other or, in my case, of touching and being touched by the maids, but it was too risky to do much else.  So far i had heard nothing more regarding our previous Saturday play.  It seems the servants knew how to keep a secret.

Two weeks later my uncle and aunt were off to town again.  As usual they left at about 4:30 in the morning to give themselves the maximum time in town.  i heard them drive off then fell asleep again.  i was awoken by people jumping on my bed.  "Time to get up slave"  said Mistress Rebecca.  The boys pulled the bedclothes off me and Lady Bernice began pulling at my sleeping shorts.  Mistress Rebecca threw the leash on the bed and ordered me into the bathroom telling me hurry up and have my shower etc., and be ready for breakfast in 20 minutes.  She also informed me that it was a beautiful sunny day and that they did not want to waste a moment.  i also had to put the leash on before coming out of my room.  My excitement was mounting.  i quickly finished up in the bathroom, put the leash on my **** and balls, then walked through to breakfast with my **** standing at attention.  i went to sit at the table but Mistress snapped Her fingers and pointed to the floor at Her feet.  i walked around the table to find a few bowls on the floor.  i had to eat my food on the floor!  No biggy.  That would not phase me. 

Lindiwe and Sohie brought the breakfast.  They giggled when they saw me, naked, on the floor and a leash around my rigid ****.  i was not allowed to talk during the meal.  As soon as we all finished eating i wanted to go for a **** but Mistress would not allow it.  She took up the leash and made me put on a pair of gloves and knee guards.  i guessed i was going to be on my hands and knees.  Once 'dressed' in my protective gear Mistress gave me a few whacks on each butt cheek to "bring some colour" to my butt as She put it.  She was using the wooden paddle and the smacks were intermittent.  i gathered that She was waiting for somebody or something.  Then i saw them.  Rosy, Lindiwe, Sofie, Nomusa and Grace, the 5 young maids who worked in the house, all dressed in their own clothes, (no uniforms), joined us.  "Okay, everybody is here, lets go for our walk" announced Mistress Rebecca.

We headed out of the house.  i immediately put my hands in front of me to try to cover myself.  The boys were quick to point this out to Mistress.  She stopped the little procession and pulled a few items out of a bag.  First was a collar that she attached around my neck.  Then She attached wrist cuffs and clippped my wrists to the collar.  Last was two **** rings that She fitted, with effort, one around the base of my **** and the second, inter-locked with the first ring, was wrapped around my balls.  Then we were off again.

We had only gone a short distance before we come across a group of locals.  Two guys and three women going the other way.  They greeted Mistress then stared in amazement when they saw me.  The guys thought it was very funny but the women were intrigued and moved in for a closer look.   Mistress told them it was okay to touch, and touch they did.  They examined my restricted balls and my now red and swollen ****.  i stood there, totally embarrassed,  unable to move or cover up as strangers inspected my private parts.  The women spoke to the maids in their local language and with the little i could understand, i gathered that the women had asked what this was all about and the maids were explainig our game.  To further demonstrate their active role in the game, Rosy gave me a hard smack on the *** and began stroking my ****.  The strangers roared with laughter.

We continued our walk and reached the dam.  This was a favourite recreation spot for many locals.  This early on a Saturday morning the crowds had not gathered yet.  There was a group of youngsters, most of them about 12 years of age, playing soccer.  They stopped playing when they saw us and came over to see what was happening.    Mistress handed my leash and the wooden paddle to Lady Lindiwe and my four cousins went and sat under a tree to watch.   i realised what Mistress was doing.  The local youngsters would be more likely to participate if it was only the maids around me.  They gathered around, full of questions.  They were laughing like i was the best joke ever.  Lady Lindiwe uncuffed my hands and ordered me on my hands and knees.  She then led me over to a tree and ordered me to pee like a dog.  i looked at Her and received a hard smack on the butt with the paddle.  My butt was on fire and i decided to comply before She raised Her arm again.  i cocked my right leg and began to pee against the tree.  My audience cheered and laughed, some even rolling on the ground. 

After the fun with the ypungsters we continued our walk, following the edge of the dam.  i was wondering how far we were going as we were leaving the populated area.  We were heading for a small forest.  It was cool under the trees and a pleasant walk.  i was lost in thought when i suddenly caught the sound of people talking and laughing.  It grew louder and then we entered a clearing.  There was about twenty Ladies, workers from the farm, and they were obviously having a picnic.  There were baskets of food scattered around and they were all in casual clothes, relaxing on their day off.

Mistress led me to the middle of the clearing and all the Ladies cheered and clapped.  Mistress announced to the workers that She had brought Her slave here because i had been very bad and had displeased Her.  As a result She had decided that my punishment would be that i would be given to the Ladies for a few hours for their enjoyment.  They could do anything they wanted to me.  i was there for their pleasure.  Mistress got the boys to spread out several blankets and She emptied the contents of Her basket on the blankets.  The contents comprised a variety of sex toys including a strap-on, butt plugs, clothes pins and condoms.  Mistress then settled herself under a tree and told the Ladies to proceed. 
  For the next few hours i was groped and used by the group of workers.  i had a butt plug in my *** and was made to kiss their feet, suck their toes, kiss and lick a least a dozen beautiful firm black *****.  i think the **** rings prevented me from *********** despite all the manipulation that my **** and balls received.  My balls were aching and very sensitive.  When the activity eventually began to slow down Mistress stood up and asked the gathering if Her slave had behaved to their satisfaction.  They all chorused yes.  She then asked them if i should be rewarded for my "good performance".  Again they cheered yes.  Mistress turned to me and asked me what i wanted.  This was my chance.  i looked around until i saw Rosy.  "Mistress, if i may, i would like to ask to be given the opportunity to pleasure my Lady Rosy."  Mistress looked at Rosy for Her response.  All Her friends were cheering and urging Her to accept.  She was laughing in embarrassment but slowly stood up and walked towards me.  As She approached i dropped to my knees and began kissing Her feet and sucking Her toes.  i slowly moved up He legs, kissing and licking as i slowly made my way up.  As my head began to disappear under Her skirt, Her friends cheered and chanted for Her to remove Her skirt.  Still laughing with embarrassment She complied.  This gave me greater freedom of movement and allowed Her friends full view of the action.  i crawled around Her so that i had full access to Her beautiful, firm *** cheeks.  Without stopping the kissing and licking, my fingers found the straps of Her bikini panties and i slowly pulled them down.  As soon as Her *** was exposed i buried my face in Her crack and licked from top to bottom.  i noticed that Rosy was no longer laughing and giggling but had began panting and sighing deeply.  i slid Her panties off and She lifted Her feet to kick them aside.  i used this opportunity to push my face between Her legs, forcing them apart.  This allowed me to get full access to her *****.  It was sopping wet and when my tongue entered that juicy hot hole She gushed my juice and let out a long moan as Her entire body shuddered.  i slowly lowered Her to the ground and went to work on Her **** while i inserted two fingers into Her hot box.  Within a minute or two She let out a yell and convulsed as another ****** hit Her.  The crowed had become hushed but both Rosy and i were not conscious of them.  After another huge ****** Rosy pushed my head away from Her ***** and pulled me onto Her.  At first i thought that She had had enough and just wanted to recover but She took hold of my **** and was trying to pull/guide it to Her *****.  i was over the moon but first i had to take care of something.  I took hold of the two **** rings and gently pulled them off.  The sudden rush of blood into these sensitive areas caused a burning pain which in a way was a good thing.  i was so aroused i would have *** in seconds.  The pain only lasted a few moments but it was enough to ease my build up somewhat.  i had stopped to let the pain subside but as soon as i had removed the rings, Rosy sensed that i needed a moment to readjust and She simply slid Her mouth over my **** and gently took it deep into Her hot mouth.  The feeling was incredible.  As the feeling rushed back into my swollen **** the sensation of that hot, wet mouth sucking on my **** made me harder than ever. After a few moments of this bliss i slowly and gently pushed Her off my **** and moved between Her legs.  She eagerly opened Her legs as wide as She could and helped guide my **** to her still dripping *****.  i slowly entered Her and as i felt Her hot **** envelop my **** i felt Her have another ******.  This was such a thrill for me but i did not want to rush things.  i continued to slowly push into Her until i was buried to the hilt.  i paused there and let Rosy get Her breath back.  Suddenly She wrapped Her legs and arms around me and yelled "**** me, **** me, **** me".  I began to move, withdrawing my **** until just the head was in Her and sliding it all the way back in.  i slowly picked up the pace and could feel Her thrusting back with each stroke.  Her legs tighten around me trying to force me in even deeper.  We picked up speed and both of us were moaning as we ****** like two crazy animals.  i think Rosy had at least two more ******* before i felt the familiar boiling feeling in my balls.  i moved into top gear as i shouted "i'm going to ***"  Rosy tightened Her grip on me and thrust even harder.  Seconds later i erupted with a yell.  Rosy responded as soon as She felt me shooting my hot ***** into her and another ****** shook Her body.  She screamed and i was still yelling.  i thought i would never stop *******.  Eventually i collapsed and rolled off Her.  She was still whimpering and i cuddled Her in my arms as we both came back to earth.  Suddenly there was a huge cheer and the clapping and cheering went on and on.  We were startled and suddenly reminded that there was a crowd watching us.  It was one of the best and intense lovemaking sessions i had ever had.  We slowly sat up and Mistress walked up to us with a big smile.  "Was he good enough Rosy?" She asked, or do we need to punish this slave some more?"  Rosy smiled a huge smile, kissed me and turned to Mistress, "no he was perfect, too good" She said, shaking Her head.  We all left a short while later.  i was still the only one naked on the walk home but this time, after putting the leash back on my **** and balls, She handed the leash to Rosy and allowed Rosy to lead me back home.  Wow! What an experience.  Once we were home and showered and relaxing, we discussed the day's events.  Mistress was once again surprised at the way i had handled all the "tests" and "trials" She had thrown at me.  She laughingly said She would have to come up with tougher tasks for me next time.  I can't wait.  
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