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My Girly Hair

I have been "sexually ambiguous" all my life, and feel like I can be a boy or a girl just depending on how I feel on a given day. I grew my hair very long so that I can be either a long haired man, or fix it up pretty when I am in girl mode. Here's a picture of my hair.

kiersten kiersten 41-45, M 9 Responses Aug 21, 2010

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nice look...........totally understands

Oh, would I love to get my hands in your hair - I could do so many pretty things. You are very lucky.

All the young girls want now is "blow and pull" Lets go back to fun things!

Good for you, dear!

Great hair, kierston - just perfect for the dual roles you seek. I'd just love to do your hair grily for you.

Love your hair must look fantastic in rollers

Beautiful picture. You do have nice hair and developing a good shape. Should bring lots of hppiness.

Oh, its great, I envy...

Nice hair. <br />
I wish i had your nice hair, my hair is about the same length but I have it permed a bit curly.<br />
You say you could either be a boy or girl does that mean that when you keep your hair girly you also dress girly?

Nice length, and the crown does not appear to be thinning either. You are folically fortunate indeed.