Feminine Hairstyles On Men...

As a lady, I believe that men should be able to wear their hair as they want to wear it and how they feel comfortable, be it long and straignt or short and curly. It's great to see men having their hair washed and being set in rollers or perm rods.

I would love to sit next to a man in my local salon who was having his hair done.
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Wish I had hair
Would love to have bob style and get it colored:-)
So I settled for earrings

I love getting my hair dyed, particularly old fashioned cap highlights. However, I do not like men doing my hair. I always look for unisex salons with only female hairdressers. The best is when it is busy with other ladies and people are watching. I like the whole process of picking out a colour, getting caped and then seeing when they dry my hair how the colour will turn out. I often fantasise about getting a more feminine colour, particularly nice and blonde.

I'd need to get some hair on my head 1st. I do have a couple of wigs. The advantage to thet is that I can be a blond today. and brunette tomorrow.

my hair is long and very feminine with natural high lites, I am in love with the cut that women were weraing 12 years ago. It was so pretty, very long sides with feminine razor cuts all around. It was so sexy does anyone know what the style was called? My hair is ready to be cut but i want to make sure this is what i get

I completely agree with you. I actually have gone through this with my brother. Ever since we were teens, I have always played with his long hair. I used to braid it all the time, put it up in a pony tail, brush it, etc. One day I brought him to my hairdresser, and we both got perms together. I have to say, he looked great. Perms actually really work well on some guys.

I would like to get my hair cut in a bob but afraid how it would look. I also would like to let it grow long so I can French braid my hair. I also would like to pull it back while wet and place it in a pony tail.<br />
What is the best shape of your face for a bob hair style? :)

I have some good hairstyles<br /><br />
you can adopt it these are long, short, bangs, la<x>yers and bob hairstyles<br /><br />
and so on !<br /><br />
These all hairstyles are awesome and can easily be worn !

My brother and I have gotten perms together. We sat next to each other while under the dryers.

I think a nice bob haircut is a wonderful style for the right guy. I let mine grow out and it was then I began to see how I had beautiful hair. When it was cut short, I couldn't tell, but once it grew, all the shades and shift of color came through. It looks soft and relaxed. Couldn't be happier!

I like to see men with very feminine blunt cut bobs..dont ask me why..just do..:)

I love to see men with classic bobs - theres something about the androgynous look...mmm

Would love to see men in the salon I go to getting feminine styles. Most often buzz cuts or something similar still seems to be the norm. Where are the longer haired men these days?

Love going to the salon for highlights. A few times women in the salon waited around to see my hair after the foils came out and it was done. Loved the attention.

I like experimenting with my hair, made more and more feminine hairstyle...

Keep going with your desire to have more feminine hairstyle. The more you work with your hair, especially letting it grow, the more fun you will have trying different styles

Great post dear, I have had a Wash & Set whilst dressed in feminine attire, it would have been fantastic if a lady was to accompany me. <br />
<br />

Every third week I run into the same womam while she is getting her grays covered and love talking with her. My hair is in rollers when I go back to the dryers while her color is processing and always have interesting things to talk about. She even brought a bunch of paperbacks to me that she had read and wanted to pass along. It feels good to develop some friendships while getting new color and sets with my favorite girl. One of these days I will get up the nerve to ask if she does makeup in the salon.

Hi dickh

I had my appointment for my second perm this morning, Ruby asked me to come along about 09:30. As I will be permed with her regulars plus as this being a busy time I had plenty of ladies to talk with. You will never guess whilst still in my perm rods one of the ladies from my office entered, I had told them all at work of my pending appointment but didn’t think that anyone would call by, even though I secretly wished it. Again the perm came out tight but I have nearly two days for it to start to relax a bit. I am past caring what its like when I start work Monday as from past experience (I can say now) the perm will work out fine :)


Hi, Teresa - way to go with that perm today. No doubt you will love the spring in those new curls. I always love the process and also the end result. My hair is almost ready for another perm - most likely in about a month. I love sitting down and the process starting, including as the perm rods are tightly added one at a time. Love to hear about your results.

Dear dickh

As with my first perm the results were tighter than expected but this time I was ready for it and knew I would be leaving the Salon with tighter curls that would in time relax so I wasn’t frightened as I was after my first perm.


Good morning - how does that new perm look this morning? I remember worrying that one of my perms would turn out more kinky than curly and keeping my fingers crossed. Lately, now that I have found a girl who really knows what she is doing, I have all the faith that my curls will be just what I had in mind or, under her control, what she had in mind too. There is something awesome about leaving everything up to her because obviously a perm can't be changed overnight like a color job.

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