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I definately like a man who cares about his appearance, if that means wearing a feminine hairstyle then so be it. My husband has been having highlights put in his hair for quite some time but recently he had it permed and I think he looks so cute with curly highlighted hair.
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How curly is his hair

As a man with long hair mid back, I would never think of not taking care of my hair. Every 4 weeks my wife and I go the the stylist and have our hair dyed, trimmed and styled. I would never think of not carring for my hair I concider it a asset and I use it.

You are one very fortunate guy who's wife understands and spends time with you at the salon. Getting those ends trimmed regularly and styled makes lots of sense, especially when you wear your hair long.

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Yes you are right, we really do have a wonderful relationship. Jamie really does care about his appearance as do I. When we first met Jamie was a very smart guy but his look just lacked a bit of daring. I have always thought men look cute with earrings, just small subtle studs nothing too bling, I worked at Claires Accessories back then so I made a suggestion to him that he should pop down to the shop and I would pierce his ear for him. He wasn't too keen with the idea to start with so I had him try a magnetic stud so he could see what it would look like and after that he was convinced, a few days later we were in town so he called in at Claire where I worked and he had his ears pierced, he has worn earrings ever since. I think after that he trusted me much more, so convincing him to have his hair coloured or highlighted and more recently permed is much easier.

This is a great story and one that i can relate to. My mother-in-law took me to Claires for my first ear piercing. I was reluctant but she insisted; it was an exciting experience. I enjoy wearing earrings and do so every day. Studs and small hoops are the order for my going out in public but larger earrings are something to enjoy at home or when with close friends. My mother-in-law has taken me to Claires on two other occasions and i now have three piercings in each ear; many new and exciting options! I've been getting my hair permed too but that's another story

So how did the perm come out? are you happy with it? does you wife like it?

great stuff. My hair unpermed and straight is all one length and longer then halfway down my back. Ive been told by my hair dresser that i have a full head of healty hair. My hair is curently permed in to super tight ringlets, each ringlet being little bigger then a pencil. I can remember when i went for my last perm several hundred yellow rollers were used and was done in small sections to ubtain a really tight look. My curls are thick as i have alot of hair.

As several people have written, being under a wife's control, at least when it comes to hair and ear rings is a match made in heaven. My "control" is in my hair stylists hands every Thursday morning when she works her magic. From color changes, perms and roller sets I thankfully sit in her chair and wonder what she has in mind. She loves to change colors often and comes up with great combinations of highlights and low lights.

I think you must have a very good relationship with your stylist for you to put your look totally in her hands.
She must know you very well and she must understand your likes and dislikes.

You are right about our relationship - and our mutual trust also. Every once in a while she comments about perhaps going too far with color changes or roller sets and my comment is -" I can't imagine that happening" and in my mind, I wonder what my hair would look like if I ever thought she went too far this time.

I love the idea of putting your look in the hands of your stylist. In my case it's my wife and her mother, working with the stylist, that determines my look.

Belated question I know, but I generally have seen that a man's range of feminine hairstyle/accessories often depends on their work and life circumstances, so that if someone is say retired they have more flexibility in their choices. May I ask what is your circumstances that allow you such great variance in what styles you allow your hairdresser to do? (and great that they exist!)

Jamie my husband is the owner and director of a medium sized company servicing the automotive industry.

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