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I so adore wearing my hair as feminine as possible. I have near shoulder length naturally curly hair (although just cut it in a wedge and a bit shorter overall.) It always looks styled and with well defined curls usually mistaken for a very good perm. I also color it which is probably the most feminine thing I do.

I go to the salon of overall color and full highlights on a very regular basis. We have varied the shades and density of highlights overtime. Right now I have a very blonde base with a defined and fairly contrasting blend of high and lowlights. It looks very fem and is obviously colored and highlighted.

The process of getting color and foils in the salon is something I really enjoy. Usually takes about 45 minutes to apply base color and get all the foils in (30-40?).   There is then a 30 minute wait for processing.  The salon is typically busy. today I was with four women getting color of some sort mine was probably the most dramatic and elaborate color being done.

Comments or questions appreciated
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Hi i would find a unisex haircutter and one who does women's hair you could in time ask her to give it a more feminine look.

I love your story and admit to some envy. ;-)8

I am 64 and for the first time letting my hair grow long. I want it at least shoulder length. My reason for doing this is that I can have my hair styled when I do get to cross dress.

What I need help with is how to get my hair cut while it is growing. Right noe I go to a lady barber who thins out and trims my hair. However, I am not sure this is achieving what I want to accomplish.

Would I be better off to go to a salon? How should I explain how I want it cut? How should I have it cut? I am looking for any help I can get, please.

I love your story would love to have my hair bleached blonde and permed

Like your story love to expand my salon experience with hair being bleached blonde and a very curly perm