Bouffant Flip

My mother used to shampo and set my hair at least once a week, most of the time it was twice a week. One rainy day, it was coming down too hard to go out. my Mother got bored and said I want to try out some different hairdo's. So she got out all of her rollers, combs, brushes, pins, clips...
She had me lean back in the sink and shampooed my hair, applied some conditioner and then the setting lotion.
She sat me down in the kitchen and set my hair in big magnetic rollers, she like those the best. she covered my hair in lager rollers and then ave it a good dose of air spray and sat me under the dryer. when I was dry she took out the roller and combe, teased and backcombed my hair into a beautiful buffant flip hairstyle. she got out the camera and took pictures of it. She then wanted to do some more. I got shampooed, set and combed out four times that day. she took pctures of the styles and the sets so ahe would remember how to do them again.I still love rainy days.
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i like your storie about your experiences with bouffant hair. I'm a fetisher of lacquered hair. If you like this to...........let us be friends. elnetty

Sounds like a lovely time!

I can only imagine how much fun that must have been and would love to try one of those bouffant flips as my hair gets longer.

Lately my stylist has been rolling the back of my hair to create a flip. She calls it a "maestro" look and I love how the curls look. Sometimes she adds a braid which helps break up the line coming down to the flip. Her imagination is awesome.