Life Of Hairdos

Well it all started back when I was in my teens when I would call a Beauty Salon and use the line " I'm wanting to see what my hair would look like curly without getting a perm" " Is there any way I could do this". I would always wait and hope for the answer I was looking for and that was, yes we can roll it on the perm rods and let you sit under the dryer. Then I would ask for an appointment and she would give me a day and time. After hanging up the phone, I would be so excited and looking forward to that day.

Usually when I would go to the Salon, I would try an arrive 30 mins early just so I could take in all the activity, smell and look at the hairstyling magazines for sure. Once my name was called I was in another world. A world that I didn't understand but knew it felt so right and natural for me to be sitting in her chair. Once in her chair next came the coronation of the plastic cape being secured nice and snug around my neck. There was something about the cape that was hypnotizing. I was at the stylist mercer now and there was no turning back.

As the stylist began to finger thru my hair, checking the length and seeing how hard it would be to roll, she would say so you want to see what your hair would look like in a curly style? Yes ma'am I would. I have always wanted to try a curly perm but I'm really nervous about getting one I would say. She reached over and grabbed her roller tray and pulled it closer to her then she grabbed a perm rod and started to roll using the perm papers to help secure the roller and also keep the hair ends in place. It was just like getting a perm but with using the perm solutions. This would take usually 30 mins or more to roll the entire head. I loved the feel of ever roller as she would wind it down to my scalp nice and tight and then she would grab the plastic rubber band and pull it over and put it in the end of the perm rod. The sensation was hard to describe but it was wonderful.

After the last roller was in, it was off to the dryer. It took extra time under the dryer because of the hair being wrapped in the perm papers. Usually I started out reading a mag like every other lady usually did, then it usually ended up with my eyes closed and a small nap. Wake up its time to check to see if you are dry. Lifting the hood up, she would unroll a couple rods to see if the hair was dry. Come on back to my chair an I will be there in. A min. Walking back to her chair with the cape looking like I was wearing a dress felt so good. A few ladies looking curiously but not saying anything. After about a few mins, my stylist came back and started taking each rod down until getting the all carefully reforming the curl as she unrolled the papers from the hair. I need to sit you back under the dryer for a few more mins to make sure it's nice and dry. Loving it so much it was back to the dryer for some more girl time.

Ok you are dry now so come on and let me get you combed out. Sitting back in her chair, fluffing my cape so it lay nice and neat in my lap and down over my knees making it feel as if I were wearing a pretty dress. Ummmm loved that feeling. She began to pick it out and create the many curls that had been dried into my hair. She usually would never pick it out too much because it would actually pull the curls out. After a nice uniformed curly look, she always took her can of hairspray and gave it a nice covering to help it stay as long as possible. It was always a wonderful feeling and a beautiful sight when she would turn me around and show me the final outcome. I love it and you did a great job. Thank you so much. I think you look very nice with curly hair she would say as my excitement grew with angle in the mirror. Taking the cape off and it was over to the register and I would usually pay around 20 to 25 bucks because of the extra work using the perm rods but it was worth ever cent to me. I was a different person after that day for just a little while until the curls began to loosen and become straight again. I can't wait till I can set another appointment up with another Salon and do it all again. Oh how I wish I could do that every week I would think but it was nice while it lasted.

Thru the years I visited many salons now and again to get my hair rolled up nice and tight in perm rods until I was married at 25.

After getting back from my honeymoon, it was time to start a new and more exciting girly time in my life of hairdos.

Hope you enjoyed my little story.

Dana Lynn
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3 Responses Nov 29, 2012

I have done the same thing many times in the 80s. My aunt had a salon where I got my first perm and set at 11 but when away at college I would go to salons and use the same excuse. Until I found an older salon where I asked for a roller set. I too still go to salons some time dressed and sometimes in guy mode. I love going early to watch the other ladies get permed and set.

Loved your story and hope you actually get to enjoy all the benefits of a real perm. The new body it creates is excellent and makes curls last so much longer. I just got back from my weekly appointment and had more color done after auburn was done last week. Some purple and some copper highlights really look good to go along with the auburn shade which just about matches my hairdressers hair.

Definitely enjoyed your story - it seems like you are due for really going to a great salon, asking for perm rollers and actually having the girl reach for her perm solution. What a surprise you would have and I know you would love the results. Go for it !!!