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First of all I'm a part time crossdresser. I recently attended a conference for crossdressers and after talking to a woman selling wigs found out about a local salon that had no objection to washing and setting my hair.Now having my hair washed and set in rollers and going underneath a dryer as then having my hair styled like a woman has been a fantasy of mine for as long as I've been crossdressing. I made an appointment for that day and with some trepidation set out for my appointment. The stylist who styled my hair was very accepting. My hair isn't real long so she set my hair in smaller rollers which was fine. But she did manage to set my entire head in rollers. After spending 20 minutes under the dryer she then styled it into a very fem hairstyle. I had more curls then I could obtain in past attempts at setting my own hair. Also they were silvery in color. My fading red hair was nowhere to be seen. I couldn't believe that I had a hairstyle that would look good on any woman. She convinced me not to put my wig on and to wear it for a while which I did. Next time I attend the conference I will make an appointment at the same salon and hopefully with the same stylist but this time i will make it for the morning. This time I will have the whole day to enjoy my new fem hairstyle.
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I am a cross dresser also. I have had the good fortune of having my hairstyles in a salon several times. There is nothing like it. I found that when I called a new salon that if I explained I am a cross dresser many were very willing to accept me. Also, other women clients in the salon were very accepting as well.

I know what you mean about having your curls done early in the day. I love appointments at 9 or so when I can enjoy the results for the whole day. Walking around with new curls feels soooo good.

You should grow your hair and then book yourself in for a perm

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I am so glad you could enjoy your fantasy in real life with your salon experience. I have had the same fantasy since I was five years old.
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