As a Girlish Boy I Love Feminine Woman Because...

I utterly adore all those girlish things that women bring to life's experience, those silly, soft things that are so vitally important to the enjoyment of life. Woman are the sugar and spice of life, we make it delicious.

Femininity is so important and we serve such a critical role. I think most men do not understand. Even many women do not get it. Some women seem apologetic or ashamed of being feminine.

Those girlish things, those silly, frilly, delicate things, the lace, the satin, the curls, bows and ruffles, those utterly feminine things, they are so much fun and being so much pleasure to the world. They seem to serve no purpose but to delight and make us so uniquely female. Lipstick, long hair, high heels, short skirts, silk blouses, sheer lingerie, the list goes on and on, all those deliciously womanly things.

Imagine life with out the feminine, and you imagine a nightmare.

Women should embrace their femininity as a sacred trust. We are the keepers of these magnificently important ingredients that keep the world in balance, and while they may seem so silly and playfully girlish, they are vitally needed in the world.

I was born with a plumbing mixup that I don't know how to  fix but I do know that I am a woman from within my soul.

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Nov 14, 2008