Sweetest Thing!

If anyone would ask me what is my favorite chocolate is? That would be FERRERO ROCHER!!

I always dreamed of lying on a mountain of Ferrero Rochers! I may sound like I'm super obsess to Ferrero Rocher but I'm not. ^^ I just love that chocolate, I can eat whenever I want to and whenever I can. ^^ Sugar is just an enemy of every girl, but for Ferrero Rocher, I'll make an exception. :D

When I can't eat Ferrero Rocher, I buy the bread spread, Nutella. It taste just like Ferrero Rocher! Except the Nutella doesn't have a nut and crisps. ^^

Now, I'm craving for Ferrero Rocher and Nutella! I think I'm going to invade the Grocery store tomorrow!! :D
sunsetglow sunsetglow
22-25, F
Jul 31, 2010